Dream interpretation Zombie, walking Dead

There is no question that movies and other forms of entertainment constantly seek to portray zombies as negative figures. On the other hand, if some aspect of your life is not in an optimal condition, this dream can serve as an important indicator that you need to make some changes. At the very least, if you know that something only needs an ending, then perhaps you will have more confidence in terms of doing what you need for the sake of closure.

General Dream Meaning: Zombie

Overall, a dream of a zombie indicates some level of feeling disconnected from others, or even from various aspects of your inner landscape. No matter whether this is caused by some kind of trauma, feelings of helplessness, or some other factor, you can interpret a zombie and its actions to represent the element you feel most cut off from.

If you happen to be the zombie in the dream, then you can conclude that you need to look at various aspects of your life in order to determine how to reconnect and feel whole again. Even though the dream may have similar connotation if the zombie is some other person, you can interpret this variant to mean that person is disconnected from you in some important way. Interestingly enough, zombies can also indicate that you are ready to put some aspect of your life behind you. Under these circumstances, you may also want to see if there are indicators about what your new beginnings will be like.

How Dream Symbol Zombie may Fit in your Life

No matter how much you may detest zombies, they are a clear indicator that you need to do some work on your inner landscape, as well as your relationships in daily life. This is especially important if the zombie was a person that you believe you are emotionally connected to. Chances are, if you look at the relationship, you will find things that indicate you are not in the position you thought you were in. While this may be a disturbing revelation, at least it will give you a chance to mitigate any breakups or other problems that may be in the near future. In a similar way, if you or strangers happen to be zombies, you can try to revive various aspects of your inner landscape, or come to terms with old memories as needed.

A Sample Dream, Zombie Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are out shopping. It is a sunny day, and everyone in the store seems happy. As you search for your spouse, you begin to notice that some of the shoppers have strange stares. Feeling a bit nervous, you begin moving through the store faster. Suddenly, no matter where you look, people are in various stages of turning into zombies. Frantically, you search for your spouse, and finally find them in the housekeeping department. Right before your eyes, your spouse turns into a zombie. Strangely enough, this does not bother you until you look down at your own hands and realize that you are now also one of the walking dead. At that point, you try to get out of the store, but realize that you are trapped inside with all the others. As you bang on the glass and shout for help, a good looking stranger appears at the front door. Even though you cannot reach that person, you begin to feel a bit calmer.

When taken in combination, your spouse, the housewares department, and your own transformation indicate that your marriage or romantic life may be in serious trouble. Even though you try to deny it, the strangers in your dream may represent all the areas of yourself that you have become detached from over the course of your marriage. Finally, when you find your spouse, the dream indicates that you are also detached from them. Unfortunately, this dream also indicates that there may be no easy escape from your situation, even though you realize that you need to do something for your own well being. The presence of the appealing stranger indicates that you may eventually wind up leaving your marriage once a path becomes clear. Alternatively, it may signify your unified and living self if you can begin reviving the pieces of your own inner landscape.
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Mia 2015-02-22 17:36:41
I had a zombie dream, but it was kind of different than most others. I was at a store and there was this blue butterfly woman statue. It was very pretty. I bought what I needed (although I don't know what I bought) and left to my car. I don't even know how to drive. I went to my house and put my stuff away. While I was doing this, zombies appeared out of nowhere. These zombies were special, though. They actually TALKED. There were two of them in my room and they were trying to kill me. I was talking to them so I could stall and find a way out. I don't remember what I said, but it made them REALLY angry. They attacked me and I scooped out their eyeballs. (Each had two pairs of eyes). Only one zombie was completely blind, because I only took out one pair of eyeballs on the other zombie. I ran out of the room before they could get me and I went to my mom's bed. I hid behind it and they walked past. I was unnoticed. My mom was asleep and she seemed unaffected by the zombies. A different, smaller zombie sniffed me out and was about to find me, but I woke up.

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K 2015-02-17 14:55:05
I had a dream last night that I was in the zombie apocolaypse, but we had found sanctuary. I had my father's ACTUAL real life dagger, and I would stab zombies I saw with it. But there was this actual occasion where I would be caught in a corner because I couldn't save someone. The dagger would not be in my pants, and I would try to help the person. But I couldn't without drawing the zombie's attention as well. God it was horrifying feeling helpless. Those are usually all of my nightmares.

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stephanie 2015-02-05 10:39:45
I just woke up from a nightmare
I saw a plane crash as I was driving to my house and suddenly a lady from the plane comes walking out as if nothing was wrong then comes walking like a zombie towards my car
As soon as I realized she was a zombie I drove home I made a video with my phone and posted the video on FB so everyone could see that the zombie apocalypse was here.
Then I started getting my baby's stuff ready went to a store got gas and started driving as far as possible going to a gun shop showing the guy the video and getting as many guns as I could went to a grocery store far from where the crash happened and getting necessary food to survive I also called my immediate family members and told them what to do and we ended up in Mexico

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Dani 2015-01-27 16:20:36
I had a dream last night where I was looking for my boyfriend in the store then all these zombies come out of nowhere and when I find him he was on top of all these boxes really high up and then he jumps down then some zombies are running in his direction! I told him to stop moving because the zombies didn't want anything to do with him, he paused and they ran past him then I ran towards him I grabbed his hand and then we started running and that's when I woke up in fear.
He was the only recognizable face in my dream and he wasn't a zombie either. I think this is so because I love him a lot and he tends to reassure me and comforts me when I'm stressed and overwhelmed. I think its pretty neat.

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amy 2014-12-14 08:34:31
Well I am 11 and I had a dream that zombies and mummies(not moms) came into my room.i had a packet of marshmallows and when I threw one at the zombies the marshmallow exploded...yep strange right.i killed all the walking dead with the marshmallows but one of them landed under my bed where apparently my cat was.happily she was still alive and I washed the black stuff(from the explosions)off of her....THATS IT sooo yeah

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Rose Waters 2014-11-23 15:46:51
so i had the same dreams for over a year and everyday but it'll change but most common is Zombie's.
i was in a care and i was with 2 grown men and i was only 12 (when i was in my dream) and when they stopped we went into this store where people were inside and a woman pregnant was breathing hard because she was in pain, there were
women and another guy, when the pregnant lady screamed ALL the zombies would come and i would fight but try to keep the door locked and closed. when one zombie came inside out of no where the grown man just shot it in the head and it died. One night (in dream) , we went outside ( zombies were gone by then) and i looked around for awhile till the pregnant lady screamed even louder, all the zombies came again and it was super fast. the lady inside the store closed the door on me while everyone else was inside. i was the only one fighting so i tried using the gun the grown man left but had no AMMO and i got mad and started to hit the zombies with it. then one of the grown man came and gave me a hand gun to me and i used it once it was in my hand and shot all of them but more came and i panicked and the zombies were coming closer cornering me and i saw all the faces ( their human faces) and i woke up...
help plz i tell my parents and everyone i trust they just don't believe me and don't care

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Jaime 2014-10-27 10:45:59
SO i'm not sure how i should be taking this dream any help would be great.
i just dreamt that my little sister who passed away almost 4 years ago came back from the dead as a zombie and tried killing me and almost killed me until i found the strength to kill her and i woke up screaming and crying and not sure how i should feel

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Timothy 2014-07-08 19:24:44
I don't think any of your dreams is as complex as mine:
one day I woke up in a town I called home. I was happy with my life and I had a girlfriend and everything. But one day she started acting suspicious. I tried asking her but she kept rejecting the question or running away. I dismissed it and had several theories as to why she was acting like this, maybe a relative of hers had died, maybe she was going through just a hard time. Anyways I was inside my house when everyone started acting scared, talking about zombies and running away, as though they were trying to get inside to hide. I decided to investigate. As I was walking outside as an older black man was coming to walk in. I stopped him and asked, "are there zombies?". He said, "Yes!! There are zombies, just watch out for little blue things in the grass and walkers too!". (Throughout the whole dream there was no sign of any blue thing in the grass, in fact there wasn't really any blue in the dream at all) I kept walking outside to try to see exactly what was happening. Suddenly I saw them, just one at first however. I went up to it, I saw its disgusting, not yet bloody smile. Then I pulled a shotgun out of nowhere and shot it. It didn't kill it at first but eventually it died. Then I was running away from multiple zombies to try to find a doorway (I knew this doorway pretty well and I think it was the doorway to the school or some public building everyone had gone to for shelter)that I knew was around one of these corners but I couldn't quite find it. Finally I found it and made it inside. There were lots of people there, but no sign of my girlfriend. I was desperate to find her, I looked everywhere. Finally I found her, she looked ok but the face she had was a mix of fright and guilt. I asked her, "are you ok? What's the matter?". She told me, "I'm ok but I have to go." She slipped away even though I called her multiple more Times.
Then it was a new day, I was with all the survivors discussing what to do. Somehow I was the one who got thrown out alone to look for more!!! (I might have volunteered on my own but I don't quite remember) I went outside, calling to see if there were any survivors. I found lots more zombies then before, and once again I had my shotgun out running away and killing them. As I was running I saw more survivors. They were camping up on an elevated platform. (I think it was a tree or a tree house) I ran to them to help them but a new zombie that looked a lot like the others came too. He was, as is obvious, a zombie, but he was different in a more powerful looking way, as though he was a boss zombie like in a video game. He was taller than me, had full on armor, a big fat head and a gun that looked like some wonder weapon.(like a special gun with special powers from a game called black ops 2) I kept shooting at him but he didn't look to be in any sort of pain or inflicted damage. He came up to me and I couldn't move. He had grabbed me and I knew my time was up. He bit me on the arm and I felt weak. Suddenly I died and it was almost like a end of game screen saying GAME OVER. This is the beginning of the end of my dream.
I woke up. I felt digusting and realized that I was the armored zombie. I had the gun in my hand and I saw in front of me the survivors I had found. I thought, Well if I'm a zombie too I might as well act like one. I went to go shoot the gun I realized was a projectile weapon that shot ooze that burned the victim and changed them. But I stopped, and I heard the survivors saying, "please no don't do it!!" I thought for a second, how am I able to think for myself if I'm a brainless zombie? Then I saw a person next to me(Who knows why they would come to me as for one I'm an armored zombie and two there were lots more zombies next to me) and I bit him, allowing my zombie instincts to kick in. I slowly started feeling better, and I thought I was changing back. Indeed I was! As I gained back my full thinking power, I realized that the one I had bitten was the one who bit me! He was the armored zombie, he bit me and I changed, but at the same time he changed back to human I had become the armored zombie I was now! I had now changed back, and I was in the middle of the zombie horde, but they didn't look as hungry now, they almost looked, friendly?!?!? Then I realized the guy I had bitten had not changed back, meaning there was no armored zombie anymore. I quickly pieced together what had happened. I realized the armored one was the one commanding the zombies, and it was a infected role able to be passed on. I had become it, and I tried to infect someone who had already had it, so he was immune and we were both cured. It all made sense now. I saw all the zombies, that now looked half human half zombie and I talked to them all. I told them all, "this is a game!! But who is behind it?!?" I thought for a second, and realized who it was. It was the only suspicious acting person I had seen all day. It was my girlfriend. I didn't know how she had done all this, but I knew I needed to find her. I found one of my friends, Dalton, who had also turned into a zombie. But he was like the others, only half zombie. In fact he looked like he was healing. I asked him if he wanted to go with me (though I never specified where or what we were doing) and he said, "let's go."
We were then in the mass shelter everyone had gone to. We looked around or a while, but with no luck. I eventually gave up and leaned up against a wall in defeat. Then I saw her, walking down the hall with the same suspicious characteristics, except now she looked like she really needed to be somewhere. I stopped her and asked her, "what did you do?!?!?" She then ran away to a room with a door only cracked open. I went tot he room and saw her behind a desk. I looked around and realized it was the presidents room. I yelled to her and said, "what are you doing? Your going to get in lots of trouble being in here!" Then I saw the president on the left, pouring some drink as they do in the movies when they are about to talk to someone. I instantly stopped my talking and said in a salute, "Mr. President..." he said, "can you please leave, we have some important business to discuss." I complained, "but I really need to talk to her..." he gave me a look and I knew I had to go. I said, "...well, I guess I will talk to her tomorrow..." He smiled as though in agreement, and I left.
The next day I was still in the hallway. I had just woken up, I was lying there all night. I saw her walk out and I said, "why we're you talking to the president?" She replied, "he is my father..." I was stunned. She had never told me this before, in fact she had never really ever mentioned the president before. I asked her, "why didn't you tell me?" She ignored the question and I walked her to a room so we could talk alone. I asked her lots of questions (I don't remember many of them) and she answered all of them. I found out from her that she had done this, she had the power to because her dad was the president, etc. I eventually stopped talking to her and it was the next day. Somehow I had forgotten about what had happened just the other day. And I was playing xbox. As I was playing, the menu suddenly changed. One of the maps that was on screen was our town. It didn't make sense but I knew that we had been a test for this videogame. I was really confused and it didn't make any sense at all and then...
...I woke up.

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Victoria 2014-06-25 00:18:01
I usually don't remember my dreams but if I do, I remember some scenes of it. It's been twice that I had dreams of a zombie apocalypse but the first one I had was a few months ago. All I remember from the first dream I had was, zombies everywhere, everyone was a zombie except for me and my family. We were in a home and there were a bunch of zombies on our street, some inside the building we live but not in our home. I just remember me and my sister trying to find a safe way to leave but wasn't successful and all we could think of was surviving and hiding from these zombies. A recent dream I had which was 2 days ago was another zombie apocalypse but this time, some people were zombies and some weren't. The people who weren't seemed to not noticed the zombies and carried out their daily lives and the zombies didn't pay attention to other people but me. This time I wasn't with my family for most of the dream. I just remember a butcher knife was my only weapon against the zombies. One part of the dream I remember was that a guy from my class somehow entered the house I was in and made his way to my kitchen and I followed him and the girl around my age was in the kitchen but the guy from my class was a zombie and he tried eating her and I was right behind him trying to figure what to do and I saw a butcher knife and I hit him on his back and he turned around and said "Victoria, stop it" with a smile on his face and went back to attacking the girl. I kept on hitting him on the back and told him "leave my friend alone, stop trying to eat her" but he wouldn't listen to me. Then this man, came in and told me to aim for his neck while he does the same. we both cut the guys head off and the girl was safe. I remember through out my dream I was just killing individual zombies. I remember I found myself in my bed room panicking because I had a feeling I was gonna have to face a mob of zombies and I went on the computer and googled up how to kill a mob of zombies but didn't find an answer. Another part of my dream I remember was I was in the dark empty classroom all alone until the lights turned on and I saw this huge zombie in the middle of the classroom and a group of people came in and told me to fight the zombie with them. It was really hard because we could never kill the zombie. The only thing I could think about in this dream was getting rid of the zombies. Not hiding from them like the first one. Any interpretations?

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Jacob 2014-04-02 12:14:21
Every day for the past 2 weeks, I have been having the same dream, and put into mind im 15. ok so
every time i have this dream its dark outside, i would say its around 1am. so every time in my dream i would let my dog outside. but i never see anything out there, after a few mins i would hear barking and see my dog being attacked by zombies, so i would run out there and fight off a few just enough to get me and my dog back inside, but every time we run back to the house, but the zombies would never follow us to the house. so for 2 weeks i had this same dream then on the beginning of the 3rd week it changed, i would let my dog out, then i hear him being attacked, so as always i go to save him, when i make my way back to the house i notice the zombies are following me this time and i barely get into my house and lock the door. i could hear them hitting the Plexiglas door and hitting the brick sides of the house. as i try to catch my breath i hear my garage door open so i run to my garage since its connected to the house and i see a man out there, and he just stares at me. so i did the most logical thing and hit the button to close the door but it didn't work since the wires were cut. after that i walk out to the man and he says to me. "have you seen the true meaning of your own hell". then he runs across my street passed my neighbors house and up a hill to were a church is, then i hear him scream and run back down the hill and he is headed towards my house, when he gets there he runs into my garage and pulls out a sign. as he is doing that i look up at the hill and see mob of zombies coming down the hill towards me so i panic and look back at the man and i noticed he had a bite mark on his upper arm, but as i looked at his arm he got closer to me and he grabbed me and tryed to bite me. so i wrestled him to the ground. then i woke up, every time i had this dream i woke up and my mouth was bone dry and idk why.

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holly 2014-03-20 11:40:40
I had a dream where I was livin in a different home and it was me and my family but my to brothers were gone with there friends but in the dream somebody called about zombies and it showed on the news so I got my little brother and my little sisters and ran to a room in my house but they were coming and out of nowhere I didnt have my baby sisters any more or my othere brother or see my parents it was just me and my little brother jumping and running over stuff in stores some of the zombies were strangers to me two were mybrothers and anothere looked like there friend and in the dream I was supposed to save my baby sis and bro idk wat happend but I ended up bein the last one standing while they surrounded and thats when I finally squeezed my one last time to wake up and I did .yesim a 14 year old and I hadnt really been having nightmares much thats why I dont know why I had this one?

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Jess 2014-02-26 05:11:49
I had a zombie dream I am only 12 iv had them for about a year and I know why I have a broken heart. Also it doesn't help because I'm constantly seeing them because my drunk dad is watching them when I'm at his flat!

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John 2014-03-10 21:50:26
Hi Jess ! When i was a child i would have zombie dreams too all the time but now that im all grown up i dont have zombie dreams anymore and i bet that when you grow up you wont have zombie dreams anymore either . Stay Strong and be Good and your Broken heart will Heal !!!

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shellie 2014-02-11 13:16:27
I dreamed that the government was putting zombies into our homes to live with us,they were rehabilitized and my woman zombie slept walked and tried to bite me and I looked he in the wild eyes and woke her. Therefore I didn't get inffected. But,it was really nerve wrecking.

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Will 2014-01-29 14:36:37
Ive been having recurring zombie dreams for the past 10 years or so now, mostly beginning after my early twenties. I cant say my life is perfect, and Im happy with everything because Im not. I realise my own skills and limitations, and yet I strive to better myself and my situation... But Ive had some ups and downs in my life for sure. Anyways, my zombie dreams usually start out the same- just you're everyday normal dream and then bam! Countless zombies appear. Ive occasionally dreamt in black and white too, but mostly colour.
Usually, (whilst dreaming) I'll be going about everyday stuff like catching up with friends when all of a sudden, I find everyone has disappeared and Im on my own. This is always the case, and it feels lie, Im the last one left alive. One time, I was in a McDonalds and just talking with friends when I noticed a pair of hands pressed against the window, and some blood. Looking over at my friends who've by now disappeared, and panic sets in. More and more zombies start coming at me from all angles, and all I cant think of is to run and hide. I even had a dream where I 'felt like they were coming soon...' So I hid in a wardrobe. Peering thru the crack below the door, I saw the shadow of footsteps, as a zombie slowly shuffled along and stopping right in front of the door. Then it starts pulling and pushing at the door, trying to open it whilst I held on tightly and tried to resist it. i woke up just after, thankfully. I find that, in my haste to escape the mobs of zombies, i start climbing things like scaffolding or half constructed buildings, fences, even the outside of houses to get to a window thats open high above. Im terrified of heights, especially in the wind so it just makes it worse for me.. One time, I climbed out of a sky rise apartment window and onto the balcony to escape the room being flooded with zombies, and feebly attempted to make it to the neighbouring window. I don't think Ive ever dies before in a dream, but once I collided with a zombie whilst running.. And it picked me up and threw me. Next thing I noticed, I had no legs (they were ripped off ?) and I crawled along the ground until I woke up shortly after. Ive had many others... Usually once a week at least, sometimes more. I do watch heaps of zombie films and play zombie games too, so I figure its because of that.

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Lisa 2014-06-09 12:52:50
I've had zombie nightmares at least once a week too. They're always very gruesome just like you said. I usually watch all my loved ones get ripped to shreds while I'm always somehow alive

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Scott 2014-01-06 12:14:16
I had the strangest plants vs zombies bs the walking dead dream. I was bunkered in a store of some kind and set up the double shot plants at the door but was over run. At one point Arsenio Hall was running with me. Then there were terrorists I had to flee. I shot at them with a mini gun but none of them went down(frustration from battlefield 4), and then had to run from guys with rocket launchers too.

Is it because I'm a teacher and last night was the last night of christmas break?

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