Dream interpretation Zombie, walking Dead

There is no question that movies and other forms of entertainment constantly seek to portray zombies as negative figures. On the other hand, if some aspect of your life is not in an optimal condition, this dream can serve as an important indicator that you need to make some changes. At the very least, if you know that something only needs an ending, then perhaps you will have more confidence in terms of doing what you need for the sake of closure.

General Dream Meaning: Zombie

Overall, a dream of a zombie indicates some level of feeling disconnected from others, or even from various aspects of your inner landscape. No matter whether this is caused by some kind of trauma, feelings of helplessness, or some other factor, you can interpret a zombie and its actions to represent the element you feel most cut off from.

If you happen to be the zombie in the dream, then you can conclude that you need to look at various aspects of your life in order to determine how to reconnect and feel whole again. Even though the dream may have similar connotation if the zombie is some other person, you can interpret this variant to mean that person is disconnected from you in some important way. Interestingly enough, zombies can also indicate that you are ready to put some aspect of your life behind you. Under these circumstances, you may also want to see if there are indicators about what your new beginnings will be like.

How Dream Symbol Zombie may Fit in your Life

No matter how much you may detest zombies, they are a clear indicator that you need to do some work on your inner landscape, as well as your relationships in daily life. This is especially important if the zombie was a person that you believe you are emotionally connected to. Chances are, if you look at the relationship, you will find things that indicate you are not in the position you thought you were in. While this may be a disturbing revelation, at least it will give you a chance to mitigate any breakups or other problems that may be in the near future. In a similar way, if you or strangers happen to be zombies, you can try to revive various aspects of your inner landscape, or come to terms with old memories as needed.

A Sample Dream, Zombie Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are out shopping. It is a sunny day, and everyone in the store seems happy. As you search for your spouse, you begin to notice that some of the shoppers have strange stares. Feeling a bit nervous, you begin moving through the store faster. Suddenly, no matter where you look, people are in various stages of turning into zombies. Frantically, you search for your spouse, and finally find them in the housekeeping department. Right before your eyes, your spouse turns into a zombie. Strangely enough, this does not bother you until you look down at your own hands and realize that you are now also one of the walking dead. At that point, you try to get out of the store, but realize that you are trapped inside with all the others. As you bang on the glass and shout for help, a good looking stranger appears at the front door. Even though you cannot reach that person, you begin to feel a bit calmer.

When taken in combination, your spouse, the housewares department, and your own transformation indicate that your marriage or romantic life may be in serious trouble. Even though you try to deny it, the strangers in your dream may represent all the areas of yourself that you have become detached from over the course of your marriage. Finally, when you find your spouse, the dream indicates that you are also detached from them. Unfortunately, this dream also indicates that there may be no easy escape from your situation, even though you realize that you need to do something for your own well being. The presence of the appealing stranger indicates that you may eventually wind up leaving your marriage once a path becomes clear. Alternatively, it may signify your unified and living self if you can begin reviving the pieces of your own inner landscape.
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cat 2016-04-04 19:18:00
Last night I had a badass dream where I was walking in a narrow hallway, when all of a sudden a zombie appears in front of me. I start punching him in the face with my ring (pretty graphic) as the ring I was wearing is an eye and I was punching his. It was pretty graphic... Anyways, I managed to kill him and then as I walk forward, I see other zombies head towards me. I pull out two katana swords from behind my back and get into attack position, ready for the fight. As soon as they came close enough, I started to dreaming another dream entirely.

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Pagan 2016-03-24 23:43:49
I always have zombie nightmares. I always know I am in a dream to some extent but I can never get out of it. I have the, very often even without watching zombie shows or anything of the sort and usually I have more than one in a night
For example, I just woke up from one where at first I was in town, in my dads workshop. Everything started to get crazy and he led me to the van and put me on his seat and then had to duck under the van as one of thezombies was coming. It tried to get in with me, and I slammed the door and locked in as fast as I could and then tried to shut the window. I dived through into the back of the van and lay down in the back perfectly still in the hope I wouldn't be seen. But I was seen and they started clawing at the van  :bad:
I then had another dream where I was at my grandparents house. My mom and nan went out in the car leaving me with a remote to press that would scare the zombies away if they got too near to the house. It worked well until one of them heard the noise and lumbered to the window to get. A better look in at me , and I was completely frozen in fear!
I then managed to wake myself up.

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Tay 2016-02-24 07:17:21
I dream about a Zombie Apocalypse maybe 3 nights a week and I have no idea why. I have since I was little and it's a different setting everytime.
Last night it was at a dance. Me my boyfriend and all of our friends went together and one couple got in a fight outside and he came in and she stayed outside when he came in after a few minutes I guess someone yelled that a girl got killed so of course everyone ran to see and the body has a blanket over it and the body sat up and at that moment I knew what was happening, I made everyone go lock ever single door in the school and me my boyfriend and my friend did the basement. We came to the very last door and found out there was a secret room that was behind the book case and had like a nice room in it with food, TV, water all that stuff so, we went in but forgot to close one of the doors to get into the room and one came down and I woke up
I never die in my dreams or even come close to It because I've learned to wake myself up.

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Hello 2016-02-12 14:47:58
Last night I had a dream where there was a zombie apocalypse (well duh). My dad was being stubborn and said he would be fine and left me with a group of people I don't remember. The group of people were walking down the highway and I saw my Daddy turned. He was wearing an outfit he has in real life, which is a really bright orange long sleeve shirt and jeans and his steel toed work boots. FOr some reason I remember that very well.. there was also the car that he drives. it was on the side of the road, broken down. Then, all of the sudden it changed and there was a man who locked me up during the zombie apocalypse and sexually abused me. for some reason in the last dream, there were dolls. Then I woke up.
I want to know why this is happening.  :bad:

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Donovan 2016-02-06 14:32:47
Last night I dreamt that I was home with my brother, mom, sister, and I. It Starts with my brother having another mental episode and he threatens to shoot us, so I end up shooting him. He rises back as a zombie and bites my mother, where I then have to shoot her too. Towards the end of the dream it's me and my 4 year old sister driving in the car. That's when I wake up.

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Lexi 2016-01-09 18:29:53
I remember this morning I dreamt of being outside in a farmers market beside my crush talking about our favorite tv shows, sports, etc., then all of a sudden there was a horde of zombies coming from all directions and me and crush basically stuck together trying to find a way out. Though we tried to escape we ended up being trapped in the horde. Some how my crush ended up slipping away through the crowd and ended up riding away on a bicycle leaving me to die for. I tried desperately trying to reach for him, but I was being pulled and pushed by the crowd. I kept looking until I spotted a zombie version of him hoping it would be him not believing he turned and hoping he would remember me. I tried to reach out for him but I was grabbed by a girl who I remembered in high school. She jumped into my arms and I kissed her forgetting what I was doing while being surrounded by hypnotizing zombies (they weren't cannibals, they just hypnotised everyone into being a zombie. The only way they could be "cured" is by remembering who they were in their "past life" by someone who is close to them.)But then I saw people from my past life which helped me remembered who I was and turned back into a human. I tried rushing through the crowd to find my crush remembering about how much I love him but I couldn't find him anywhere. I ended up escaping through the crowd of zombies and returning home to grab my emergency bag from my room along with my weapons and ended up in a group of survivors.

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Alexander 2015-12-11 00:32:53
Fighting Zombies are very common in my dreams. For me it represents my fight against being a "mindless follower of socity". Zombies are just something that do what they do and nothing more. It's how I see socity and most people in it. I try to follow my own path but sometimes I doubt my self and every time I do I have a dream about fighting zombies. I actually like these kinds of dreams. My inner strenght is always shown in all the creative ways I have in surviving against the masses of zombies.

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Bubba 2015-12-07 22:41:39
When i had this dream i was in a house last protecting my siblings and parents as they escaped, then out of no where i shot myself but in my dream i didnt die jusy felt like i could feel everything and has been playing on my mind for days now

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Diana 2015-11-29 11:48:29
It's not the 1st time my zombie apocalypse dream took place in this random "apartment"building (2nd time actually) that I've never seen IRL. Well it stated off nice. With me & my friends/cousins/sister playing a weird ball game that didn't real make sense IMO but we were having fun. More people joined in that I've never seen, still enjoying the game but then broke off because I mentioned the gate had a huge gap & we should fix it so we had more of a chance to prevent the zombies from getting in. (The gap seemed intentional because on the side was a huge grassy area, but like I said earlier it's not the 1 st time I had the dream here. The 1st time I covered up the gap & it did give us time to fight off the zombies)

The apartment was 5/6ish stories tall but the apartment hallways seemed to long to even make sense with how the structure looked like from the outside. The hallways were pretty, vintage looking, faded w/t blues, browns,greys, & golds.Reminding me of the nice parts of "Fabel 3"(The Video Game) I could hear a crowd of people talking at the end most likely all the parents. Down the hallway were many doors a few opened one (I only remember looking into 2 doors) One was beautiful like an indoor rainforest garden theme, but the 2nd one was like a old classroom it didn't look abandoned or anything but it was all wooden furniture like how schools use to look like. I saw one of the boys that was playing with us outside slowly backing out from the classroom w/t a man's green arm implying with his finger to get back inside. I continued to walk not thinking much about it because everyone that was in the building was with confidence (sorry don't know how to write that part out so it makes sense but am sure you know what I meant)

As I continued to walk down towards the end of the hall (were all the "parents" were talking) two chicks from school seemed to be returning from the end of the hallway walking towards me looking storta uncomfortable, then out of no where the doors that were closed (metel medieval looking doors) started to make a sound like the locks/latches were getting put on (that was no bueno because the 1st time that happen which was in my 1st dream we got sworn with zombies from the outside) (Personally I feel like this was a continuation of my first dream because everyone that was there didn't live there it's like a base for the zombie apocalypse but for the people that actually live there can bring other people that they know) Sorry BTW I was woken up by my dog's barking so no zombies attacked us but I woke up anxious knowing what was going to happen...

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anonymous 2015-11-22 12:16:59
I have a zombie dream once or twice every week and I hate it. I don't watch horror movies and they always take place either around my neighborhood or a like around a mall that I've never been to before but the worst part about it is that once I have a zombie dream it would be the exact same dream the next night bUT this time I try doing something different but no matter how many chances I get to change my actions it always ends with like hundreds of them surrounding me and about to eat me.I never recognize them but the people I am with in the dream I do know and they always end up dead but I don't see them after that.I never end up saf
e no matter what and every time I wake up I wake up messed up.

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Kayse 2015-11-22 10:16:10
So I've been having zombie dreams for the past few nights. Me and my friends are sent to an island that has all the zombies, when we get there I start having flashbacks that me and thousands of other ppl are trapped in cages, I somehow get out of mine and star helping others out. The flashback ends and I am back with my friends. We skip ahead and I see my friends starting to get bit and turning, as zombies they remember us and can talk. We kill most of the zombies (but my friends) and I get bit and freak out. A week goes by and I haven't turned. Assuming I'm immune I don't worry anymore. Then my and all my friends (including the zombie ones) all start to figure out what is up with my flashbacks. Then the dream ends. (If it helps any the island was mostly jungle and the trees where really tall)

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Billy 2015-10-07 02:12:06
My Zombie dreams always have me fighting them. I usually am not scared in my dreams. In fact the majority of times I am enjoying them. It is only when the zombies can start dodging my attacks that I start to get concerned.

The zombies are never recognizable to me, they do not look like friends or relatives or anything and the locations are usually places I have never been to before.

The dreams seem to be all over the place, one dream I'm mowing down hordes that just keep coming, having stale mates with a katana against a super zombie, or just downright punching every zombie to death.

What does any of this mean?

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Nick 2015-10-05 16:50:46
I have dreams about Zombies at least twice a week (often times more). It's constantly reoccurring. I'm never a zombie, and most of the time the zombies aren't anyone special.
There is almost always a horde of them running after me. Hundreds. Sometimes thousands.
The dreams are horrifying. Rarely do I have a zombie dream that isn't a nightmare.
Often times a dream goes from being good to getting bad and turning into a zombie induced nightmare.
It doesn't always bother me, but sometimes the dreams are so realistic and horrifying, it messes me up for a while after I wake up. Which is how I came to this website.

The dreams have been going on for about 10 years (I'm 22).

"a dream of a zombie indicates some level of feeling disconnected from others, or even from various aspects of your inner landscape"

This could be an explanation. Makes sense for me as I'm quite an introverted and sometimes shy person who does indeed feel disconnected from most other people.
Although I don't think a dream means the same for everyone, that might be a good place to start.

For anyone else having these dreams, I know how terrifying they can be.

Just know you're not alone.

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Ashley 2015-12-22 08:15:15
You need to go see a psychiatrist. This isn't normal.

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Madimerz 2015-10-10 10:51:27
I had one now, but it wasn't a nightmare. The funny thing is that I haven't watched a zombie show recently. Do you know what this mean. Oh and I'm only 16, and I this has never happened to me before. I'm scared

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Abby Schoenfelder 2015-09-29 10:46:33
most of my dreams are about me in a random school or my school and once and awhile I see people i know but don't hangout with anymore when I read this article it made me think why am I dreaming about them wouldn't I dream about someone else?

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Eviness 2015-09-06 05:49:16
On Thursday night (09-03-15) I dreamt about me being at the mall and all of a sudden the news was distributed to everone we were living in the end times (zombie apocalypse) as soon as I fo out I hit high ground with some ither strangers who I did know at all time passed and more happened within our lives next thing i know I'm training in an abandoned gym with those same strangers to kill those zombies....and that's when I wake up.But my question remains what does that mean, I read this entire summery but I still don't know what this means?...! One more thing this passage says that a zombie apocalypse means the start of new beginnings and the end of broken terrific memories....personally the best day I went to school and this guy asked me out...I said yes....!!!! But let's just say that the guy u fell in love with last year will always be the person who broke my heart the most....so is this guy the star of new beginning, wad it a mistake saying yes to him.? Or was last year the end of broken terrible memories?. PLZ someone respond and answer my questions and doubts!.! Am I right am u wrong plz someone reply

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