Dream interpretation Zombie, walking Dead

There is no question that movies and other forms of entertainment constantly seek to portray zombies as negative figures. On the other hand, if some aspect of your life is not in an optimal condition, this dream can serve as an important indicator that you need to make some changes. At the very least, if you know that something only needs an ending, then perhaps you will have more confidence in terms of doing what you need for the sake of closure.

General Dream Meaning: Zombie

Overall, a dream of a zombie indicates some level of feeling disconnected from others, or even from various aspects of your inner landscape. No matter whether this is caused by some kind of trauma, feelings of helplessness, or some other factor, you can interpret a zombie and its actions to represent the element you feel most cut off from.

If you happen to be the zombie in the dream, then you can conclude that you need to look at various aspects of your life in order to determine how to reconnect and feel whole again. Even though the dream may have similar connotation if the zombie is some other person, you can interpret this variant to mean that person is disconnected from you in some important way. Interestingly enough, zombies can also indicate that you are ready to put some aspect of your life behind you. Under these circumstances, you may also want to see if there are indicators about what your new beginnings will be like.

How Dream Symbol Zombie may Fit in your Life

No matter how much you may detest zombies, they are a clear indicator that you need to do some work on your inner landscape, as well as your relationships in daily life. This is especially important if the zombie was a person that you believe you are emotionally connected to. Chances are, if you look at the relationship, you will find things that indicate you are not in the position you thought you were in. While this may be a disturbing revelation, at least it will give you a chance to mitigate any breakups or other problems that may be in the near future. In a similar way, if you or strangers happen to be zombies, you can try to revive various aspects of your inner landscape, or come to terms with old memories as needed.

A Sample Dream, Zombie Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are out shopping. It is a sunny day, and everyone in the store seems happy. As you search for your spouse, you begin to notice that some of the shoppers have strange stares. Feeling a bit nervous, you begin moving through the store faster. Suddenly, no matter where you look, people are in various stages of turning into zombies. Frantically, you search for your spouse, and finally find them in the housekeeping department. Right before your eyes, your spouse turns into a zombie. Strangely enough, this does not bother you until you look down at your own hands and realize that you are now also one of the walking dead. At that point, you try to get out of the store, but realize that you are trapped inside with all the others. As you bang on the glass and shout for help, a good looking stranger appears at the front door. Even though you cannot reach that person, you begin to feel a bit calmer.

When taken in combination, your spouse, the housewares department, and your own transformation indicate that your marriage or romantic life may be in serious trouble. Even though you try to deny it, the strangers in your dream may represent all the areas of yourself that you have become detached from over the course of your marriage. Finally, when you find your spouse, the dream indicates that you are also detached from them. Unfortunately, this dream also indicates that there may be no easy escape from your situation, even though you realize that you need to do something for your own well being. The presence of the appealing stranger indicates that you may eventually wind up leaving your marriage once a path becomes clear. Alternatively, it may signify your unified and living self if you can begin reviving the pieces of your own inner landscape.
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anonymous 2015-11-22 12:16:59
I have a zombie dream once or twice every week and I hate it. I don't watch horror movies and they always take place either around my neighborhood or a like around a mall that I've never been to before but the worst part about it is that once I have a zombie dream it would be the exact same dream the next night bUT this time I try doing something different but no matter how many chances I get to change my actions it always ends with like hundreds of them surrounding me and about to eat me.I never recognize them but the people I am with in the dream I do know and they always end up dead but I don't see them after that.I never end up saf
e no matter what and every time I wake up I wake up messed up.

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Kayse 2015-11-22 10:16:10
So I've been having zombie dreams for the past few nights. Me and my friends are sent to an island that has all the zombies, when we get there I start having flashbacks that me and thousands of other ppl are trapped in cages, I somehow get out of mine and star helping others out. The flashback ends and I am back with my friends. We skip ahead and I see my friends starting to get bit and turning, as zombies they remember us and can talk. We kill most of the zombies (but my friends) and I get bit and freak out. A week goes by and I haven't turned. Assuming I'm immune I don't worry anymore. Then my and all my friends (including the zombie ones) all start to figure out what is up with my flashbacks. Then the dream ends. (If it helps any the island was mostly jungle and the trees where really tall)

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Billy 2015-10-07 02:12:06
My Zombie dreams always have me fighting them. I usually am not scared in my dreams. In fact the majority of times I am enjoying them. It is only when the zombies can start dodging my attacks that I start to get concerned.

The zombies are never recognizable to me, they do not look like friends or relatives or anything and the locations are usually places I have never been to before.

The dreams seem to be all over the place, one dream I'm mowing down hordes that just keep coming, having stale mates with a katana against a super zombie, or just downright punching every zombie to death.

What does any of this mean?

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Nick 2015-10-05 16:50:46
I have dreams about Zombies at least twice a week (often times more). It's constantly reoccurring. I'm never a zombie, and most of the time the zombies aren't anyone special.
There is almost always a horde of them running after me. Hundreds. Sometimes thousands.
The dreams are horrifying. Rarely do I have a zombie dream that isn't a nightmare.
Often times a dream goes from being good to getting bad and turning into a zombie induced nightmare.
It doesn't always bother me, but sometimes the dreams are so realistic and horrifying, it messes me up for a while after I wake up. Which is how I came to this website.

The dreams have been going on for about 10 years (I'm 22).

"a dream of a zombie indicates some level of feeling disconnected from others, or even from various aspects of your inner landscape"

This could be an explanation. Makes sense for me as I'm quite an introverted and sometimes shy person who does indeed feel disconnected from most other people.
Although I don't think a dream means the same for everyone, that might be a good place to start.

For anyone else having these dreams, I know how terrifying they can be.

Just know you're not alone.

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Madimerz 2015-10-10 10:51:27
I had one now, but it wasn't a nightmare. The funny thing is that I haven't watched a zombie show recently. Do you know what this mean. Oh and I'm only 16, and I this has never happened to me before. I'm scared

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Abby Schoenfelder 2015-09-29 10:46:33
most of my dreams are about me in a random school or my school and once and awhile I see people i know but don't hangout with anymore when I read this article it made me think why am I dreaming about them wouldn't I dream about someone else?

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Eviness 2015-09-06 05:49:16
On Thursday night (09-03-15) I dreamt about me being at the mall and all of a sudden the news was distributed to everone we were living in the end times (zombie apocalypse) as soon as I fo out I hit high ground with some ither strangers who I did know at all time passed and more happened within our lives next thing i know I'm training in an abandoned gym with those same strangers to kill those zombies....and that's when I wake up.But my question remains what does that mean, I read this entire summery but I still don't know what this means?...! One more thing this passage says that a zombie apocalypse means the start of new beginnings and the end of broken terrific memories....personally the best day I went to school and this guy asked me out...I said yes....!!!! But let's just say that the guy u fell in love with last year will always be the person who broke my heart the most....so is this guy the star of new beginning, wad it a mistake saying yes to him.? Or was last year the end of broken terrible memories?. PLZ someone respond and answer my questions and doubts!.! Am I right am u wrong plz someone reply

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Nena 2015-09-03 00:34:53
I would like to know what does it mean if i continually dream of a zombie apocalypse (each time i dream of it, its always in the same 4 places)and i see some of my friends and family surviving the zombie apocalypse and at the end i am the only one that survived the zombie apocalypse.

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Lauren 2015-08-31 10:57:02
My zombie dream only has bits and pieces. It begins with me in a store shopping around and then I am in my car driving home but I am rushing now I see no one but clearly have a sinking feeling in my gut to get home as fast as possible. As I pull into the drive way there is a zombie version of myself running towards me and my car. I park and quickly attempt to get into the garage without the (FAST MOVING) zombie (whatever happened to the slow moving Frankenstein zombies...ugh) without success we are both now in the closed garage but my alternate self has disappeared. Fast forward to in in bed telling my boyfriend of my experience and suddenly she is standing on his side of the bed over him. She doesn't want to hurt him but she wants to hurt me... Then I wake up. Who knows why I have these dreams but it is definitely not a great feeling to way up from one.

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Leia 2015-08-20 13:28:09
I have had alot of zombie dreams they all take place in different cuircumstances however in my zombie dreams my brother always dies but i never see him as a zombie i had a zombie dream last night and again my brother got bitten so me and my family ran and we never saw my brother as a zombie. These dreams r really creeping me out! Sorry for the bad grammar

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Lucie 2015-08-16 05:53:25
I had a dream where it was in the middle of an apocalypse. I was with my mom, dad, two cats ( because my mom didn't want to leave them behind I guess), Carl from the walking dead (younger version), Sofia from the walking dead, a guy my age and his parents. We were in the woods next to a train track. We were eating dinner when my parents gave me and the guy my age a bad time about how Carl and Sofia were together so why weren't the guy and I. When I felt something wrong. When all of a sudden a train came roaring past us on the the tracks. I senced so,etching wrong but my parents would not listen. The guy left so I thought that maybe I should tell him because he might listen. Then we heard the moans from the zombies. He grabbed my hand as he started running back to the table. We told our parents that the zombies were here. My mom started calling to the cats to get them into the tents. My dad, Carl, the guy, his dad, Sofia and I grabbed our guns to get ready to start shooting. My mom and the guys mom hid in my family's tent with the cats. Then right when we were about to get surrounded I woke up.

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Zeina Mashal 2015-08-10 10:06:55
I constantly have dreams about zombies and it scares me.
I just woke up from my zombie dream it goes like this:
My mom, my dad, my friend and I were going to a hotel but on the way there, there are zombies but there is a glass fence that separates it but you can still see them it's horrific. Keep in dream I have a dream before hand that my uncle lives where the zombies are that we went there and almost got attacked. Anyway, we all slept on the floor until the sunrise cause zombies tend to go crazy at night. So my friend and I were fixing our suitcase, my mom yelled at us and said you're gonna wake them up. I can control my dreams and I know when it's a dream so I had the choice to wake up or continue so I woke up. I had many many many many many other zombie dreams I have at least 15 no joke.

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Joey 2015-07-14 22:21:43
I just woke up from a dream and it was quite horrifying. Initially, i was having a little run in the alley where i use to live(curently at my parent's), with a pair of boxers, only. I saw a friend(son of the landowner) of mine walking with someone, getting near to him, i call him hy his name but he pays no heed to my call. Then i met a classmate who tells me that a girl in our class is falling for me, it sure made me feel good about myself. There was a car also who shifted position but i can't seem to recollect the memory. I find myself in my room, then instantly a zombie appears outbof nowhere, i managed to strangle it, followed tqo more which met the same fate. I locked the door, peeped through the window and saw apartments lighted but food uneaten, guessing that something is going wrong. I got dressed, selected the best apparels, thought it'd help me be flexible tackling those zombies, i ran downstairs and saw people coming out of shops turned into zombies but i think i did have a small razor blade with me, did manage to slither some while getting into a car, a different one with wider space. It had a family i knew, a woman with a kid and some,friends, on our way i enquiree where are we off to, got ideas that we're obviously running away from the urban region to a rural setting. It was a path i can clearly imagine still, saw a pretty girl walking past us and i actually touched her lip and chin, she did smile at me but didnt turn back to see like i did, i saw a tractor following as well and presumed that the people in the tractor would harm me for touching that girl. We halted and i saw some friends of mine in the room, girls and guys with their backpacks for the remaining days untill the chaos cools down. All the way i had worried about my family and wanted to ask them, so as i had less call balance i burrowed a phone from a friend, my mom said that it was the water that caused the epidemic and she mentioned a cinema actor that he will turn into a zombie too.. May be he was with me and i woke up feeling extremely terrified.. What does this dream mean to me...

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Arjean 2015-06-18 12:11:03
My dream was, zombies are ataking us. And I'm one of the agent who is assigned to kill them. I felt the pressure and I was scared.

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Smith 2015-06-15 15:52:55
I had a dream about zombies last night.As far as I remember I was in an airplane with 3 of my friends,suddenly the plane starts crashing.Then the plane crashes near some hill and only me and my 3 friends survived the crash.As we were looking around I heard a growl and I warned everyone about it.Then I saw a road which was leading into the village.Everyone started to follow me but we couldnt see anything else except for the plane and the road beacuse it was very dark at night.Then out of nowhere a flare fell from a sky near the plane and it immediately atractted a lot of zombies but they couldnt see us for some reason.I started to shoot them and then they attacked us.All four of us started to run towards the village but as we were entering the village we decided to hide from the zombies.As we were hiding we heard zombies approaching very fast but we remained calm and then one of the zombies spotted us and in split second whole horde of zombies are coming to attack us.As we were shooting the zombies more and more of them came to attack us.As I saw that there is no possible way of survival if I stay in one place I ran away leaving my friends behind and that is when I heard one of them saying:''Thats what happens when you trust him!''And that was the last time I saw them alive.As I was entering another village I noticed that there are no zombies chasing me and the whole village looked like an eerie place.Then I jumped across the fence and entered some old barn.There I have found some axe and all of the sudden whole village was full of people which were prepared for an zombie attack.I grabbed an axe and got out to see thousands of zombies surrounding the village.Then they attacked us.Next thing I know is that I followed some man throught the village while killing as much zombies as we can.But soon we got cornered by them.This time I had nowhere to run and I decided to kill them as many as I can.The man which I was following got killed first and as I was watching him getting decapitated I saw a door and I ran inside as quickly as possible and then I locked the door.As I was inside I spotted 2 girls which didnt even know what is happening outside.Few seconds later I woke up inside some apartment and there was this man with golden gun and then he said to me:''Get ready we have zombies to kill.''And then he gave me his golden gun and that is when I woke up from a dream.

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Emma 2015-06-17 17:08:49
Wow I dreamed almost the same dream except I was in a fancy party and I dreamed it twice cause some how I went back in time and tried to tell my family to leave that I know some things going to happen and they didn't listen to me and so I leave with my sister to this big library and I try to get lots of food and lock the doors and then I woke up cause I didn't want to know how I was going to die cause I'm very scared of zombies for some reason

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Smith 2015-06-20 00:38:14
I had a dream about some fancy party,twice.But in that dream instead of zombies I try to run away from lions.First time I had that dream I got killed and next time I managed to tame the lions before they would eat me, after I woke up I asked myself why I didnt do that in the previous dream?

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Kiley 2015-06-13 16:54:04
I had a dream I was in my room/ in my house with my family. We were trying to come up with ways to get rid of the zombies on our front porch. Dad walked up to the window to see how many there were but immediately said we're staying inside because they were chanting "Jessica and Leroy won't last." Then my dream skips to my dad and brother being outside in the garage, I don't know what they were doing, but it was really noisy and making me nervous. Suddenly the zombies came around the side of the house and my dad and brother (Leroy) started running but one zombie started running too saying "we can do that too" and they killed my dad and brother. At that point I ran through the house to make sure all the doors were locked and one was open and for some reason it didn't feel like I could move it, so I started kicking it and it fell so I picked it up, but my little sister went outside while all this was happening so my mom pulled her back in and I finally had the door shut. I turned to my little sister (Jessica) and said, "you didn't get bit, did you?" And she thought for a second, showed me a mark on her arm, the I woke up.

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