Electric super full moon in fiery Aries

Electric super full moon in fiery Aries

The full moon in Aries on September 29, 2012 is fiery and full of blazing energy.

Electric super full moon in fiery Aries
Electric super full moon in fiery Aries on September 29

There is a huge compulsion to speak out of turn and voice opinions, but underneath there is also a need to consider others and their feelings.

Electricity is in the air influenced by Uranus and things are very edgy. You want something now and tendencies to put needs to the side disappear. You are very selfish during this time and rude to the point of being totally obnoxious. You can’t contain your secret thoughts and don’t care who you hurt in the process.

While this electric energy is passing though the Sun is moving in Libra who sees all sides of an issue. Moving through Libra, the Sun influences you to put aside personal wants for the good of family, friends and relationships. Pluto influences you to apologize to those you have hurt with your actions and put back together your broken relationships and friendships. As this weird energy flies, you are compelled to be strong and thorough in your important duties and assignments. You need to multi-task, juggle your responsibilities and watch for dynamic influences.

As energy focuses in Aries you may find yourself with a headache which in turn rules your actions. Anger and frustration rules your day. You are still rude and crude, do apologize. Let friends and acquaintances know the Full Moon is making you crazy.

Be brave during this time of explosive energy, but don’t sign contracts or do handshake agreements. Give of yourself and let other’s choose their own path. Watch for intuition that comes from dreams.

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