First New Moon of the Year: Aries

The New Moon in Aries is risk. Glimpse the life you were destined to live. See where you negotiated yourself away and take back what is yours. If you have resolved to live small instead of big, take the initiative to become different. The first New Moon of the New Year is highly powerful. If you want to take command of your life, start today.

Keep a journal and write down your dreams, hopes and intentions for every month. Keep good track of them and see how many times intentions become real. The New Moon every month gives you the energy to realize and to transform. Just engage in a little focus and soul searching. Listen to your soul, listen to your inner child, and follow your spirit guides.

This New Moon represents a grand trine. Trines are harmony and ease. Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are the earth signs and the Earth is practical and useful energy. When you are passionate, the earth energy will step in and help you achieve the outcomes you dream about. Stir the pot; make others see what you can do. Focus on goals and visualize your desired outcomes. Be brave. Jump out of the status quo and into the fray. You can do it! Be resolute.
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