Forecast for November 28th- December 5th, 2011

Forecast for November 28th- December 5th, 2011

Awesome new people will shortly come into your life.

Forecast for November 28th- December 5th, 2011
Astrology forecast for November 28th- December 5th, 2011

It may even be this week. Are they co-workers or new friends? You need to forget all the regrets of the past and let heartaches go. Life is too short to contemplate what could have been. Mercury moves quickly into your space and new projects will be placed on your desk. Mercury calls on Jupiter and this is a significant blessings for good. New friends and potential loves will give you a lift in life and their presence will be loved. Dramatic change is due this week.

Thursday you wake up with a great appreciation of your home and you family. You value small ones and those who live with you. You know that family means togetherness and a circle of love. This is family.

Be who you really are this week. Be kind and helpful. Compromise when needed. Try and bring trust into your life and the ability to communicate with your love in honestly. Find the direct way to your soul and spiritual self this week.

Saturn and Mercury are in a fist fight on Friday. Be careful when you go out to party that you do not do anything that will harm you or others. Everything in your financial house needs to be organized and put into order. Make a budget and pay bills.

Saturday the moon moves into Leo. Take time to connect with those around you, the universe and your spirit helpers. Solar power brings you the energy and power to get projects finished. Work for someone this week who is in need. Take your children to a soup kitchen and work for those less fortunate than you. Seeing others who are in a bad way can be better than any lecture in heaven. Champion a cause that is near to you heart. Helpful hands needs to be a part of everyday life.

You love to celebrate! Celebrate life, nature, family and love. This is a week of compassionate and affectionate feelings. Everyone must change and change goes through your family rapidly. Finish that novel you have been writing for a long time and give it to your family. They will love what they read.

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