Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer

Seven planets surround the Moon in Cancer this week.

Full Moon in Cancer
Full Moon in Cancer, emotional body is strong and active

Feel compelled to look at the world in a new way. Realize that there are no coincidences, everything has a purpose. You feel a bit on the ditzy side this week since the planets are moving quickly around the Universe. Take time to rest and relax. Build up energy. Let the chaos and disrepair around you float away. Listen to those around you, but keep your opinions to yourself. Watch body language. It is as important as the spoken word.

Things will seem a bit calmer in the world this week. You won’t hear as many reports of shootings, bombings, death and disease. Perhaps a lull before the storm or a lasting peace? Be free to be who you are and keep your intuition on the high level. Don’t let down your guard.

Be spiritual this week. Listen to your spirit guides; your guardian angels. Communicate with nature and talk to your pets as if they are listening; they are. Listen to soft music, meditate, watch movies and read books. Keep obligations in the background.

When the power of the New Moon fades away it will be easier to accomplish difficult projects. Plans and chores that you want to do will get finished and a week of accomplishment and feelings of growth will be yours.

The weather is clearing up this week. It is a bit warmer than usual and this is very welcomed. The bitter weather of the past winter is spent out and spring is on the move. The earth will be very quiet as she speaks out from under her clouds. Garden, produce something awesome, clean up and make your environment wonderful. Work just a little this week. Everything is magical.

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