Full moon in Libra

Full moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra helps you heal deeply buried wounds.

Full moon in Libra
Full moon in zodiac sign Libra on April 6. 2012 gives us a chance to see something that was hidden

The Grand Cross is forming different stress squares in one planet. The south Node and the North Node access squares for Mars and Chiron the wounded healer. It is important to know the nodal access of your chart. The South node shows the past and what we have done.

The North Node points you in the direction of what you have achieved. You can get stuck in the past and it is easy to stay there. The past is comfortable. However deep down you known there is more than just the past. Life gives you a push in the direction of growth. While you are changing and growing you feel a sense of empowerment. Be proud of what you are accomplishing. Gemini and Sagittarius share this nodal access. Gemini searches for more information and Sagittarius is looking for the ultimate truth. The South Node in Gemini is an indication that we need to add to the search for meanings and avoid distractions. The North Node in Sagittarius is the future and beckons. Questioning what you stand for and watch as what you are destined to be comes to the forefront of you mind.

Take a close look at all your relationships. Who are your friends and loves? Are you in harmony with relationship partners? Do you take the high road or are you dependent on others. Think about what you want from all relationships and write down what you have to offer. Full Moons are the catalyst for thinking about habits, attitudes and relationships. Thinking and then doing will be highly productive.

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