Horoscope - Full Moon in Pisces - September 12, 20ll

Horoscope - Full Moon in Pisces - September 12, 20ll

The Full Moon in September provides ideas that are intellectually and spiritually clear.

Horoscope - Full Moon in Pisces - September 12, 20ll
Horoscope for the next period, Full Moon in Pisces, September 12, 20l

Great week to get your Christmas and holiday planning going. You will have many ideas that will be awesome. Mercury is moving backwards this week and giving you situations that will impress your colleagues. Discuss with friends, loves and comates the plans you have. Start communications again about projects you began in October. Remember what you discussed. Let this be a good lesson: keep notes. Look to the Universe for help as you plan the holiday season.

Communication is vital this week. Emails, phone calls and discussing plans face-to-face with others are important. November and December are the busiest months of the year, but you need to take time to have a conversation. This week find a new friend. Have courage you are someone who is needed.

The year is passing quickly and there is nothing you can do to stop time. Change and move into a totally new year. High energy in November makes a very powerful statement and will give you the oomph you need to get going. Keep progressing to the final minute of the year. Your holiday season will be great as you rejoice in giving and receiving. Volunteer. The energy and drive will make you feel important.

Dreams and hopes this past year might not have come true, but that is okay. Keep them for another year. The Full Moon brings in high energy and gives you dreams meaning. Write down in a journal all you have done this year. Make this a weekly habit. There is still time to accomplish some of the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. Plan your new life and use information from others, the internet, and dreams to plan what you want to be. You can have success with determination and opening your eyes to what opportunities are out there.

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