The Virgos horoscope lens

The Virgos horoscope lens

Every year at the end of August the life giving sun shines through the lens of Virgo for a month.

The new horoscope
The new horoscope, The Life giving Sun Shines through the lens of Virgo

All babies born at this time of year are considered Virgo's. Certain activities are highlighted for each sign, and we are inclined to intuitively know this whether we know astrology or not. You may feel a need to make your world deep down clean. I am talking about the nooks and crannies, suddenly Q-tips are useful beyond just clean ears. You can really clean a window sill with a Q-tip. Or the buttons on the phone. This sort of detail is what the Virgo soul loves to conquer.If you are lucky enough to have a Virgo in your life, the odds are good you are the recipient of an ordered world. Don't take it for granted- Not all of us have expert assistance-Your Mate will have your life streamlined and therefore functioning smoothly.

Now is the time to clean up your Diet too. What level of perfection have you achieved? Are you eating locally? Do you grow your own food? Or is most of what you eat coming out of cans or from restaurants? Have you been exercising your body? It is said that if you put each joint in the body through its full range of movement you avoid aging. Yoga is a powerful technology for the mind and body. So is Tai chi. Becoming aware of your own energy and learning to release and remove that which is stuck will help keep you healthy and young. Virgo is intuitively aiming to stay healthy and young. A Virgo often ages wonderfully- all fit and vibrant.

Now is the time to do the books. You are looking to perfect the systems in your life. Use this time to get things in order. Paint the bedroom. Clean out the junk drawers. Scan your living space and get rid of the clutter- it's bad for your energy. Make room for the new in your life by literally making space. If you want a new couch get rid of the old one, even if you can't see how you will get the new couch. The space will create a Vacuum and suck in that lovely new sofa.

Virgo is also about service. How can you help? Often it is Virgo who will brew the tea and hand out the micro-nutrients. Virgo knows that your health is directly related to what goes into your body. The Virgo eye will question what the doctor is prescribing, distrust what might be in the water supply, and be the first to ditch the lotions, soaps, toothpastes and deodorant after learning of the toxic soup we swim in.

Virgo can also cause a tendency to worry. There is a lot to be worried about-that is for certain. But who wants to feel crazy. Worry makes people crazy. In fact, it is the fear thoughts that drive a Virgo to perfection in the name of prevention. You will find that when you are proactive the negative worry mind subsides. Invest in a bottle of Bach's Rescue Remedy for when you need some gentle help to calm your mind. You may find the Bach's flower remedy system of healing fascinating and helpful right now. Keep your mind open to learn knew and healthy ways to improve your life and then be the example of a life lived thriving and in vibrant health. Much can be accomplished this month of Virgo. Enjoy the process of your progress.

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