Mercury inters Aquarius on January 27th

Mercury inters Aquarius on January 27th

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and people born to this sign are often avant-garde in some way.

Mercury inters Aquarius on January 27th
Mercury inters Aquarius on January 27th 2012, Astrology Forecast for the current events

There is usually a distinct distaste for the status quo. If the majority is in agreement the Aquarius will choose against, some times for the sake of it, but just as often because they know a better way. In lightning flashes of inspiration Aquarius will bring the truth, leaving all the extraneous matter lying in rubble.

With Mercury’s need to get it out, whether in talking or writing you will find the level of communication amping up. Community is important to this energy so get involved in your community, do something for the greater good of all. This is the highest use of the Uranus ruled Aqaurius energy. Set change in motion, act on behalf of evolution and you may just see some shocking fast positive changes taking place.

Mercury is the ruler of the devices we use to communicate with each other. It is not uncommon, when Aquarius is in the mix, for electronics to short-circuit. General off behaviour can be expected from your beloved electronics so don't be surprised if unexplainable snafus occur in this area.This gives you an opportunity to practice the virtue of patience

Being individual is important to us all now. It is the unique part of you that will take you where your heart desires. With Neptune, planet of dreamy realities; the Sun, the part of you that needs to shine; and Mercury, with its need to talk about it all, in Aquarius right now, your unique take on the situation is needed right now.

If we were to be true, transparent individuals, we could save ourselves hours, even years of speculation. If we could count on authenticity we could learn to trust our world. You may find yourself in situations that you need to speak up for someone, or a group that cannot speak for itself. A stellar example of this is the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, who speaks up on behalf of the dogs of the world. Be a humanitarian, envision great things for your fellow earthlings, collectively we have the power to change the world. Now is the right time to speak out and lift up.

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