Mercury moves into Scorpio, October 13

Mercury moves into Scorpio, October 13

October is a jolly month.

Mercury moves into Scorpio, October 13
Horoscope for current period, Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 13th, 2011

It is also stressful, full of anxiety, and expensive. Move on with your life and let go of the baggage of Christmas past. Mercury moves into Sagittarius and moves your thoughts to the future. You can hardly wait to get to the New Year. There is an urge to know what will happen with your big picture. Think in terms of the future and you will final answers for your questions. Answers may be provided spiritually or intuitively. Look for coincidences that make a note on your soul. Format your own solutions. Use your own intuition and intelligence.

The Moon and Mercury conjunct this week and bring you inspiration about events that are happening in the world, your locality and your career. Use your intelligence and energy to make your life better. Be loving in relationships and in your career. Work with teams to accomplish more this week than you ever have before. Take time to eat well and keep your entertainment choices on the up and up. Try to find entertainment that builds you up. There are tons of Christmas concerts this time of the year and they are all beautiful. Let go of your low self-esteem and look for projects to bring you peace. Be a world-citizen.

Power is high in the universe this week. After midnight on Wednesday wake up to a great jolt of energy. You are aware of what you need to do and nothing will stop you from finishing projects and acknowledging the power within you. You feel at ease and have a compulsion to forgive yourself and others. Let go of all negative thoughts and hold on the light by doing what you know needs to be done. Goals and good and should be worthy. Take the day off to use the energy you have.

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