Mercury shifts to Capricorn

Mercury shifts to Capricorn

A new Astrology calendar year has started while Mercury shifts to the Capricorn.

Mercury shifts to Capricorn
Mercury shifts to Capricorn starting new 2012 Astrology Calendar

Planets are traveling through Pisces and making quite a show in the sky. Mercury is reaching for the sun which makes communications foggy and a bit difficult this week. Keep thoughts to yourself, be creative, but be cautious. Do not gossip or send out negative vibes. Stay calm and collected this week. What you say will come back and get you if you are not cautious. Generate conversations with co-workers and family that are intelligent and positive. Gossip and back-biting is very off-putting, a source of discontent and is just plain mean.

Venus and the Sun work together toward the end of the week. Communications will be increased with family and co-workers. Today is the day to do projects, finish tasks and be productive. You will have great prosperity this summer if you work hard this week. Count your many blessings and let them float around you. Dreams at night are invigorating and daydreams are revealing.

Avoid letting people down, don’t tell secrets and take care of your negative thoughts this week. You will need to put yourself away and take care of someone else today. If you have drains on your energy, recharge by meditating. Just keep going. You are being depended on to make things happen at home. Neptune moves through the planets and asks you do to something wonderful! You will know what it is when the time comes. Avoid guilt by helping others in their endeavors.

Take a walk every day, exercise inside when it is rainy, and eat well. Keep your system in working order. Avoid lying down and just mindlessly watching television. Clean up your yard and get ready for planting season. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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