Moon in Aries, October 11 2011

Moon in Aries, October 11 2011

Moon is in Aries this week which gives you more information to make decisions and do what you need to do on projects and assignments.

Moon in Aries, October 11 2011
Full Moon in Aries - October 11, 2011. The October astrological conditions.

The Full Moon of November is still influencing your sign. Take time to reflect more on your situation and research what you can learn about your career. Watch for new opportunities coming your way this week. Keep your ability to be flexible this week at a high level. You will need it.

Stop being a snob and communicate on a more eclectic level. Mercury in Scorpio and Venus reaching to Scorpio will help you accept things that come your way. Be discriminating, however. Companions that are like you will be your best friends. They are on your intellectual level. Most of your friends are involved in your career, similar to your home life and have a kindred-type spirit. Be kind to your friends and companions, and start to move toward those who will help you get ahead.

Sagittarius and the Sun are best friends until the 21st. You now have energy and can stay busy. Getting things done before the holidays is your goal. There will be levels of stress and you continue to do everything you can making the holidays perfect. You need to realize that perfection is only in your mind. Lighten up and enjoy what is around you. Look at the lights and dream of holidays past. Christmas parties are adventures. Converse with those people who are interesting and who will help you in life. Don’t be a wallflower. Discuss current events, express your opinions and be amazed and what happens.

Stay and rest and keep away from holiday festivities if you need. You need to slow down. There is nothing wrong with staying by yourself once in a while. Let your friends and party organizers know that you need to slow down or you will fall down. Relaxation is awesome and is your form of celebrating.

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