Neptune shifts into forward motion

Neptune shifts into forward motion

This week is one of conflict between Mars and Neptune.

Neptune shifts into forward motion
Astrology Forecast - Neptune shifts into forward motion, find out what does it mean for you

This will bring on tempers that are out of control and few projects at home or work get finished correctly. You need to be right all the time and you want your own way. This leads to stalemates and you just walk out. Stress can be good, but reevaluate what you are doing.

Weather will be a deciding factor in what you do this week. You can’t just hope it will be clear. You are freezing in your northern home, and are cursing global warming. It is difficult not to feel anxious about toxins in the air and the storms whirling around. You can’t really do anything about weather conditions; just be prepared.

Relationships are on the serious side this week. Capricorn is moving around and not in a particularly romantic way. Capricorn does stress commitment and family. Give your relationship love more time. Try and set priorities to include time with loves. You will never know if it works if you don’t give your all.

The Moon is talking and hand holding with Mercury this week. Think about your resolutions. Write down goals and ensure the right goals are written down. Seize long-term objectives and decide what you really want to do. Be serious. Be realistic with money. You will not win the lottery and if you do, you can thank all the planets in the universe.

Ignore the restless feelings down deep in your soul. You cannot have a romantic fling if you are committed. If you are single, however, go for it this week. Don’t ruin a committed relationship or a new budding romantic attachment. Straying will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Work hard in your home and in your career this week. You will progress and your mental abilities will increase. You will often go home this week very tired. Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. It is a good time to run outside for a romp with your pet.

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