New Moon in Leo: time to download your upgrade

New Moon in Leo: time to download your upgrade

Leo’s New Moon this week makes us realize that joy must be a priority.

New Moon in Leo: time to download your upgrade
New Moon in Leo, this is the time to download your upgrade and receive what you deserved

Open your heart and be expressive. Encourage others to be warm and generous. Play and laugh this week and speak your mind if it is positive. Be grateful for who you are.

Venus working with Pluto invokes deep changes. Pluto brings up all types of issues from the dark side of life and forces them to be faced and dealt with. Fears will fall as you face them. Issues in our family have been hard to face lately and this week will bring solutions and closings. Illness and heartaches will soon pass as you listen and work to an end.

Facing a death of someone you love is Pluto’s domain. This is one of life’s most feared events. You will need to be strong and energetic as you work through these death issues. Typical emotions you will face include guilt, remorse, and a hope of going back into the past. Pluto brings on raw emotions.

Watch this week as a week of expressing thankfulness, resourcefulness and appreciation. Life is fragile and you will need to use everything you have within you to get through this week. Everyone’s time on Earth is finite and this alone should motivate you to say on the path and keep moving. Never stop and do avoid feeling sorry for yourself. Sadness is not a pleasant emotional experience, but it is necessary to take the next step. Remember that none of us get out of this life alive, but we are all 100% survivors of bad days, weeks, months and years.

New Moon energy in Leo will give you a vision of why you are on Earth. Turn your heart to the light of the Sun and breathe deeply. Your heart is now stronger and you can be healthy. You have all your need as Love hovers over you. Feel safe.

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