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Numerology and Your Inner Self Secrets

Did you ever try to read tarot cards, only to find yourself hopelessly confused by all of the meanings assigned to each card? Are you tired of going from one astrology program to another as your inner sense tells you that there is something missing in all of those horoscope predictions? Unfortunately, the vast majority of divinatory tools either require years of experience to work with. On the other hand, numerology is a fairly simple method that can give you answers in a very short period of time. In fact, you can even make use of methods from different cultures in order to find a system that appeals most to your inner senses and needs.

Numerology and Your View of the World

Typically, many aspects of personal numerology are based on your full name and date of birth. Once you make use of a formula to obtain the required numbers, you can easily find out what they indicate about your inner landscape. Among other things, you will find out about unconscious tendencies that shape your capacity for making and spending money wisely. Your name and date of birth numbers may also provide information about the best love match, as well as characteristics of the person most suited for you. As you study each prediction based on these numbers, you should be able to learn a good bit about how you date of birth and name influence how you see the world.

Numerology and the Way Others See You

Have people ever told you that they think you are a snob before they even get to know you? Do you sometimes find yourself having to correct impressions others have about you, but do not understand where they get their ideas from? Chances are, you may be surprised to find that people will stereotype you based on your name, or even the astrological sign that you were born under. Perhaps even more surprising, there may be others that have a sense of your numerological identity, and will make judgments about you based on their own calculations. Fortunately, when you have a numerology profile done, you will have a better chance of finding out what others see in you. This, in turn, can help you find ways to manage negative impressions, as well as foster positive ones.

Numerology and Your Soul Tendencies

Even though you may not remember it, chances are you made a series of promises to your family and others in the spirit dimension before you were born. As you soul goes through its life course, it will also decide to carry out certain missions, or explore different styles of existence. While you may not always be able to tap into this information, your soul may just have left a few clues in the name it decided to accept in this life, as well as the date that you made your physical entrance into this world.

As a general rule of thumb, a numerology related to soul tendencies will revolve around the vowels in your first, middle, and last name. Calculating this number is as simple as adding up the numbers for each individual set of vowels, and then adding those three numbers together. From there, all you need to do is keep adding until you get a single digit. Once you know your soul tendency number, you can look it up in a chart in order to find out what it means. It is also important to stop and think about how you feel about this number in general. For example, if you got number three, but hate this number, that may be more valuable information than what you find in the chart. Oddly enough, if you feel more comfortable with the number eight, you may want to choose a nickname that lets you explore how that soul number feels.

When you obtain a numerology reading, you may feel some very strong sensations as your soul resonates with the information. Without question, if you have been living in a way that does not match your soul purpose, or you have been trying to deny something that must be done, a numerology reading can help you come to terms with these elements in your life. In fact, if you can resolve these conflicts, you may just find that you will be much happier and better off than you were before.

Yearly Numerology Predictions

Aside from obtaining predictions based on your year of birth and name, you can also find out more about the year ahead based on other numerological forecasts. If you want to know if you should move to a new location, get married, or find a new job, this may be an ideal way to tap into unconscious factors. Needless to say, if you are looking for lucky lotto numbers or days to pursue various activities, numerology can easily suit your needs.

If you don't have time to consult an ephemeris, read tarot cards, or consult the I-ching, making use of numerology may be the best divinatory tool for you to work with. At the very least, finding out the numerological significance of your name and date of birth can give you many valuable points of reference. As an added bonus, if you need special dates or numbers to work with, you can easily obtain them with just a handful of simple calculations.

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Tigist 2016-05-25 03:10:45
I want to know about my future
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I want to know my future born 07,20,1991
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your future is bright dont worry alwayz beleive in god

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I was born on July 9 1979.

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I want to knw why i cnt save any single cents,even though i ddnt expend 2 mch.
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