Pluto moves Direct

Pluto moves Direct

Pluto has been travelling backwards through Capricorn since April 8th, 2011.

Pluto moves Direct
Current Horoscope, Pluto moves Direct, changes in career, health and relationship areas.

Pluto "ain't no joke", where it travels,the planets and places it touches are transformed, there is no going back. Pluto represents the path the soul is travelling, hell bent on evolving. As it rumbles through your world secrets will be exposed, the hidden treasure discovered.

Where energy is suppressed there will be release- often this release will begin with something being destroyed- a relationship, a career, your health, or the way you normally behave. All this destruction is clearing the way for the new- the better, you. This can be an invigorating process if you go along with it.

Most people become attached to the familiar, regardless of whether this lines up with whom they long to be. Pluto comes along to keep you on incarnational track. Before you were born, while in Bardo, between lives, you made choices regarding what you would accomplish during this lifetime. From the in-between state you can see all life times, you have access to the akashic records where all the information in all the universe is stored for review, including all your lifetimes on Earth. Your birth chart is a record of all the decisions you made in that state- that is just one of numerous ways you can look at a birth chart.

Pluto activated in your chart means its time to keep growing. The more able you are to be self aware, to be honest about who you are and why you behave the way you do- the more you can roll with the punches. To really benefit you need to seek to understand, the answers will come. Pluto won't leave you in the dark, it is the darkness that is being exposed. Let those rock tumbling moments polish you up.

For the last five months Pluto has reversed his forward trek to allow for review. Not everyone will be directly affected, but if you are a Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries you are going to feel the effects. From the depths will come insights that help you wake up to reality- point out what's really going on. This new awareness creates the strength and energy to follow through. Things are meant to be changing, a new you is being birthed and its obvious.

Pluto has now started to move forward again and this will get things moving in your life. Pluto is in Capricorn which means that something outwardly tangible is coming from this transit. We have 12 areas in our birth chart that could be affected. To know what part of your life is being affected you would have to see your birth chart, or consult an Astrologer.

A transit through Capricorn could arouse a desire for more recognition in your work life- this desire would lead to actualizing more recognition. But before this occurred you would recognize the need to change certain behaviors that may be stopping you, shyness or low self-worth. The why behind the shy and the memories of humiliation could crack the shell that keeps you from the recognition you desire. But the memories and the actual moving past the fear may be difficult. We like secure us humans and life just never really is. There are too many variables, like how we all know deep down that any minute life could end. The hourly News reminds us of how fragile our existence is hourly, from plane crashes to serial killers to choking. We are all aware we are not getting out alive and we run like hell from that truth. Now that Pluto is in action running just won't do. All this may sound heavy. And so it is. But all that heavy gets results. And the results will get you closer to the life you were born to live.

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