Scorpio New Moon- October 26, 2011

Scorpio New Moon- October 26, 2011

This is the time of home and security.

Scorpio New Moon- October 26, 2011
Moon horoscope October 26, 2011, New Moon in Scorpio

Be with those you love including workmates and friends and neighbors. Planet alignments and energies gives you the sense of readying for new beginnings. Everything is done and perfect for the Holiday season and you are ready to roll. Give gifts from the heart and receive gifts with a perfect sense of thankfulness. Avoid being shallow.

Mercury is asking you to find the truth versus the fantasy. The sense of wonder for little ones should not be smashed, but teach them the light behind the Christmas season if the light of Christ and of giving. Do not let those who claim that Santa is the mixed up spelling for Satan into your world. No! Santa is pure magic. He is the illusions of the good, mystical and all that is right in the world. Be loving and caring for others less fortunate this week and all weeks of the year. Wrap and box up gifts and food and take it to those who have little. Leaving packages filled with goodies and leaving the goodies on the porch and running to hide is a joy. Watching the look on the faces of those who are destitute is awesome.

Listen to your own words before you speak this season. Don’t cause disruptive thoughts and arguments with loved ones. This is a week of perfect joy inside the hurt of relationships and issues. Remember when one of your friends broke an engagement during the Christmas season? Now they are happily married to someone else. Remember the joys rather than the sorrows. Watch for anxious feelings. Look up at the sky and feel the power and energy of aligned planets. Stare at the Moon and see the gentle smile of “the man in the Moon” as he watches over you.

Move into this week with anticipation. Be in a good mood the entire week. Let family talk to you and feel the good times of the past and future. Let good intentions into your life and let go of hurt. Find a place to store your physical and emotional baggage. The season of Christmas should be the possibility of change and beginnings.

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