Solar eclipse New Moon in Gemini: May 20, 2012

Solar eclipse New Moon in Gemini: May 20, 2012

On May 20th it is the annular solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse New Moon in Gemini
Solar eclipse on May 20, more than 90% of the Sun will be hidden by the New Moon in the zodiac constellation of Gemini

This occurs with the New Moon in Gemini. It happens at 4:57 and carries on for three hours. A curved shape slides over the sun and blocks the light and as the Moon moves into position you can almost see a glowing ring of fire around the edges of the Moon. Some believe this creates a portal that allows travel across the galaxy.

The New Moon happens simultaneously with the eclipse and Gemini provides the looking glass for both these events. You have the opportunity this week to shift perceptions and change your ideas. The South Node who rules the past is also in conjunction with the Moon. You can look into the past and take knowledge and experience from this past. If you have forgotten scenes, plays, times and experiences they will be remembered this week. Eclipses are reset buttons and by the Moon crossing over the sun the entire system is rebooted.

Meditate to be in tune with the energies that are flowing through this week. Think about walking through a doorway into your future. You cannot go back once you have left the doorway. Nothing from the past will affect you. Bring your dreams and ideas and your intellect through the door. Leave behind negative thoughts and unhealthy fears. Drop addictions that have ruined your life. Be someone different on the other side of the portal.

As you clear your mind open your heart to healing. Be still and envision all the good things in your life. Add light and create. Move though this portal of light and be present in the movement. You can choose what the future is and let everything in the past go by the wayside. Your potential is unlimited. Reach for the stars and allow the light to change you.

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