Super full moon in Scorpio: Saturday May 5, 2012

Super full moon in Scorpio: Saturday May 5, 2012

On the weekend is a super full Moon.

Super full moon in Scorpio: Saturday May 5, 2012
Super full Moon or Perigee in Scorpio, meaning the closest Moon position in horoscopes

The energy of this moon brings about transformation. Dig deep into your soul. Pluto will move around and represent the dark side of your life. The things you suppress, run away from and disown will come into your mind and possibly your life. The Full Moon this week will give you the change to get in touch with who you really are. The things you dislike about yourself will be brought to the forefront. Look at what you find so unacceptable about yourself and try to remove it from your life.

The Moon and the Sun are in a fixed opposition. The Sun is in Taurus and opposing the Moon who 8is in Scorpio. The Moon is very powerful today because of the energy of the opposition. Light shines on the other side of issues where we do not look. Taurus longs for security and guarantees. Scorpio needs to transform and change. These two planets are talking now. Choose growth and change. Stretch yourself. Leave your comfort zone. Do not resist your own growth or evolution. Resisting will cause a slow death and a stagnation of your soul. Embrace life today and let go of the old ways of the past. Begin a new future. Find your dreams again and use them as a roadmap.

If you find a relationship is not working for you, rip off the mast of congeniality and make a change. Liberate yourself of unproductive ways. You want to be free, new, and emerge from your status quo. Focus on the present and let the past go. Situations and people will help you find yourself. Seek love and healing. Image the person you are arguing with and say, forgive me.

Acknowledge the shadowy side of yourself. This is the side that is working behind and thwarting your conscious intentions. If your heart was broken by a love, never decide to leave love alone. Seek it out in someone else. If you keep saying, “I will never love again” this is a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will always be alone. Let it go.

Harness the energy of the Full Moon with physical action. Things that remind you of the past; burn them. Cleanse your body with oils and let the pain wash down the drain. Write down your new awareness and list your intentions. The result of the energy you focus on will come true on July 31st. This Full Moon will bring you healing.

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