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Which Tarot Spread is Best for My Question?

If you are familiar with the Three Card Spread, Celtic Cross, and Seven Fates, chances are you find yourself using them for many different purposes. That said, there are times when you will notice that they don't provide the kinds of answers that you are looking for. In some cases, you may want specific cards or positions that address a number of questions organized around a specific theme. Under these circumstances, it may be best to use a spread dedicated to these kinds of questions.

Core Cards for An Adaptable Spread

When using an adaptable spread, you should start off by choosing a core shape that appeals to you. For example, if you prefer a cross shape, then you would put the card representing yourself in the center of the cross, and orient the rest from there. Typically, you can use nine core cards, and place them as follows in a cross spread:

1. Self - center
2. Suggested Course of Action - up #1
3. Hidden Features - left of #1
4. Past factors - left of #2
5. Currently on right path Y/N? - right #1
6. Probable Outcome - right of #5
7. Present - below #1
8. Internal Issues - below #7
9. External Issues - below #8

Adapting the Spread for Love Questions

In order to adapt this spread to answer questions related to your love life, you can modify card #5 to answer the question "Am I with the right person now?". From there, if the card is upright, and has a generally positive meaning, you can take that for a yes. On the other hand, if the card is upside down or has a negative meaning, you can consider that to mean no. If the answer seems contradictory based on these two features, then it may be best to keep an open mind, or look at other cards in the core spread to see what you may not be focusing on.

You should also add anywhere from three to five cards above the core group to represent any questions that come to mind. This may include asking about the role of specific people that you perceive as influencing the relationship, as well as questions about your feelings, or those of your partner. In some cases, you may also want to ask questions about whether or not you will have children, and how various aspects of your relationship will evolve over time.

Adapting the Spread for Money Questions

When you want to know more about your future finances, you should interpret card #5 based on the question "Am I at the right job/making the right career moves now". As with interpreting for romantic questions, upright cards with a generally positive meaning can be interpreted as "yes", while inverted or negative cards can mean "no". If you seem to get an indefinite answer, you may want to examine your situation more closely in order to find out what factors remain hidden. This may help you get a clearer answer in future readings.

Once you complete the core reading, you should ask at least one additional question about starting a new business, going back to school, and three more dedicated to alternative career clusters. If any other questions come up while drawing these cards, you can simply add one more for each question, and then make note of what each card represents. Chances are, you will be surprised at all of the things that you hadn't considered, or their potential impact on your financial life.

Adapting the Spread for Other Topics

In order to adapt this spread to other topics, you will need to begin by selecting a question for card #5 that can be answered as "yes" or "no" in terms of your current situation. From there, you can simply add three to five cards across the top of the spread for any questions that come to mind about the matter in question. Ideally, you should feel relaxed, and simply let the questions emerge during the reading, as opposed to trying to write them down and follow a rigid structure.

It is very important to realize that reading Tarot cards is an intuitive process. While many people rely on right spreads and interpretations, you will soon find that it will not always produce the best results. When you use an adaptable spread, you are more likely to come up with answers to the questions that are nagging at your mind, as well as the kinds of creative answers that will enable you to create a better future for yourself.

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