The 5th-12th of September, 2011 Horoscope

The 5th-12th of September, 2011 Horoscope

Monday September 5th the Capricorn moon can help bring some needed clarity.

The 5th-12th of September, 2011 Horoscope
Next Week Horoscope, The 5th-12th of September, 2011 Astrological forecast

Assessing situations, staying in the moment with beneficial activities can help you allow the energy positive expression in the Background. Capricorn is a very take charge kind of sign. Often the boss, or somehow running the show- even if it's just their own show. It represents executive ability and having a knack for manifesting concrete results. Use this energy to take notes- What is showing up in your life right now? This week will show you what your thoughts are creating. If you don't like what you see consider affirmations and replace the negative with the positive. Think "why not?" instead of "Why?".

With the Pluto (deep rooted change) rumbling over this Capricorn moon, and Uranus (genius and sudden change) creating super tension, as well as the Sun (your identity) and Jupiter (your philosophy) eager for expansion, we are likely to have a fruitful day. Pivotal moment type stuff. Remember to observe and take note. Remain curious and unattached.

On September 8th you can expect a shift towards freedom and light. Suddenly you can integrate all you are realizing. Be open to out of the blue new ideas. Thinking outside the box will lead you to what you never knew you needed- exciting stuff.

By the afternoon on September 10th you will need to schedule some serious rest time. The last week of order and focus is fantastic until it isn't. Often when the moon moves into Pisces human beings become inexplicably tired. For those of us happy to nap the good times are going to roll. For those who are uncomfortable with comfort- unsure of how to relax, this heavy energy can leave you frustrated,struggling not to doze inappropriately. The best use of this Neptune energy is to rest, dream, and indulge your senses with essential oils and ripe fruit. Stretch, meditate, create art. . . inspiration abounds.

Monday the 12th of September begins with the Moon Full, also in Pieces- The Full Moon is a time to release all that is not working. Keep track of your realizations and keep setting your intentions- A good happy life requires your input. You make a move toward your dreams and they will make a move toward you.Using the Moon phases a a time to set clear goals can produce amazing results. Being in tune with nature helps you find the real rhythm in your own life. What routines, people, activities are beneficial? You'll know you are on track when you feel delighted with your plans for the future, delighted with what is Now. Fear and worry are negatively productive- keep searching your imagination for the delightful future and focus on that! This is a productive magical time.

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