The Horoscope, New Moon in Virgo August 28th

The Horoscope, New Moon in Virgo August 28th

Mercury is retrograding this week.

Virgo August 28th
The Horoscope, New Moon in Virgo August 28th, 2011 starting forecast for the month ahead

You have great energy when Scorpio moves into your sign. Focus on who you are and what needs to be done these first few days of the week. If you need to accomplish and finish a project now is the best time of the month.

Keep your plans to yourself and don’t move forward until the end of the month. With Mercury retrograding there will be problems with most of your plans. Be non-committal when asked to help with other’s projects. You can deal with issues by the middle of December when Mercury is visible in the night sky. You will very busy this month and through the rest of the season. Get plenty of rest.

Sagittarius is subservient to Jupiter this week. Dark energy is flowing and this brings on stress and irritability. You need to work hard on Wednesday to get problems with projects solved. Move on. Remember just sitting and brooding is not good for you or for anyone around you. Act like things are great and believe they are. Stop being depressed.

Stress and anxiety is the name of the game this week. You are not finished with what you want and you are not where you think you should be in your career. Many things demand your attention this week. If you do not like the situation, you are free to leave and do something different. You deserve to be happy and have a good life. If you change and stop being so down you will find a happy situation.

Before you jump into a group project, think about what you are doing. There is energy coming in your life on Wednesday when the Sun moves into Sagittarius. You keep thinking about the holiday season and you are determined to have great times. Don’t gamble and stop complaining.

Once you have found someone, commit. If you are already in a relationship do everything you can to keep it happy. Develop boundaries both of you can be happy with. Be honest and open and don’t just arrange your life to fit someone else’s. If these are changes in your emotional responses to someone, remember there are no commitments or obligations you have to live with. Don’t be shellfish but do compromise.

Eclipse in November indicates changes and the need to grow. Let go of the past and issues and people you were prejudice to. Everything is changing on a consistent basis. It is best to just go with what is happening rather than fighting against it.

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