The King of Swords

The King of Swords

The king of swords is a card that plays heavily towards the intellect of a person.

The King of Swords
The King of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This is the type of person that will not be satisfied with a situation or with a solution unless everything about it is all logically sound. It takes a lot of intellectual maturity to make such a card as the king of swords, appear in your tarot spread. However, the downfall of the king of swords is that he is the type that does not respond well to emotional reasoning, and is not well understanding of the emotions and feelings of others.

When the king of swords appears in your draw for the relationship and love area of your spread, this can be an early warning to be more emotionally expressive in your relationship. Often, people are perplexed by love and it cannot be calculated and understood as well as other things in life can. If you are not emotionally expressive with your partner early on, and always take an analytical approach, unless your partner has the same personality, this will confuse and often anger them. You need to be more emotionally sensitive, especially with your romantic partner.

Seeing the king of swords in the area of a tarot spread that has to do with money means you are very calculating and good with money. You probably draft several budgets for yourself every month just so you know what you can and can’t spend. You are always prepared for an emergency and have money set aside. Your natural calling is to work as an accountant because of how responsible you are with money. Just make sure that this doesn’t inhibit your enjoyment at all. Try setting up an entertainment budget in order to get the most out of your paycheck.

The king of swords in reference to your career usually means that you are a strong minded individual. Your job is one that requires a sharp mind that is always on the ball. You may even be used in place of a calculator when one cannot be found. Your mind is sharp, but you also need to have a soft spot for others when they need your help, or you will be more of a joke at your work than an actual help. Though you may succeed monetarily and career-wise, your prowess will be joked about behind your back if you do not socialize too. Try to create a balance between your work and your coworker conversation time.

Finally, seeing the king of swords card as being representative of your health and happiness usually means that you are a stoic person that finds that they have the most fun listening to intelligent music such as free-jazz or classical. In your spare time, it can be a major mood booster for you to read a short book on a complicated subject. Keep yourself happy by keeping yourself busy and always pursuing knowledge. If you cease this activity, you will feel bad about it later on.

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