The Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups

The knight of cups is an amiable youth.

The Knight of Cups
The Knight of Cups, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

Because knights are often known for their emotional and physical recklessness as well as their strong attitudes and their mental drive, they are often linked to teenage years, or youthful abandon. Here, the knight of cups is a youth that is very enterprising. Not necessarily interested in success as much as he is newness and excitement, the knight is constantly in search of more and more experiences that he is eager to take part in. A particular interest of his is in love.

The knight of cups is known for being quite important when it comes to love interpretations, so when this card shows up in the love section of a spread, it usually means that like the knight, you have fallen in love. What this particular knight card is known for is representing the head over heels in love feeling. This means that while your love is not insincere, you can be lead far too easily to do things that you should not do, all in the name of love. You have an understanding of love that has not fully matured, but you still feel it in full force.

When the knight of cups makes his way into the career section of your interpretation it generally means that you are bored with your job. Do not give up on your career just yet though. It could mean that you are simply upset with your job duties. You need a new source of action to stimulate yourself. This may entail that you look and see if there are other duties you can possibly take over. Present a case for why you should be transferred to a new department, or if not any of those, then try approaching the work you are already doing with a new way of thinking that you have never attempted before.

Seeing this card in relation to money on a spread means that you are getting new offers and finding new opportunities to increase your wealth. You should take advantage of this fortune while it is still relevant and see what kind of things you can find out about your job opportunities. If getting a new job as a new source of income is not your destiny then maybe try picking up a lottery ticket or two. This could lead you in a very new and exciting direction.

When the knight of cups is applied to your health and happiness, this means that you will be happiest with a change in routine. You are probably feeling gloomy when you get this card. The way to turn it around is simple, think about something creative that you’ve always wanted to do. Learn basket weaving. Direct a short video. Do whatever it is that has inspired you, because this card means that you are bored with the course of your life and need an outlet for all of your creative energies.

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