The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords represents a brash and reckless youth.

The Knight of Swords
The Knight of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

He is strong of spirit and strong of ability but does not have realistic aspirations. Some card sets show this young man to have left his armor behind, or to have his helmet falling off. He is brave but clumsy and does not have a realistic idea of whether he is going to win the fight that he is charging off to or not. He battles because his ego compels him, not because he thinks he will win.

When the knight of swords is seen in the area that represents love and relationships, what this means is that the person is just as brave and impetuous in their relationship as the knight is when he gallops off to war. You know that you might be getting yourself in over your head when you make bold and reckless claims. You may be quick to tell your partner that you love them, long before they are ready to make that some commitment. You make bold statements and promises that you could never keep, all in the name of romance. But be careful, one of these exclamations may catch up with you one day.

When the knight of swords shows up in the area where your money fortune is foretold, this means that you are a fast spender. When you want something and feel passionate enough about it, you will spend your money on it without even thinking, and when you see an opportunity to make more money; you will accept that without a second thought. You need to realize what kind of hole you are digging for yourself though and how this will affect your future relationships.

The page of swords, when applied to business and career, usually means that you make bold and reckless decisions for your company. You have the tenacity for upper management, but not necessarily the responsibility. You need to pay attention to the decisions that you make. You cannot draft a merger with a smaller company just because you think it might make your company a bit more money because in the end, your decision may end up losing more than it gained. Just make sure to talk things over with others. It is not a sacrilege to get a second opinion, and you may need one before you get yourself and your colleagues into big trouble.

When the knight of swords is applied to your everyday life and your health, it usually means that you are not afraid to make decisions regarding your health. You will take an experimental drug in a heartbeat if you think it would work. You would do whatever is necessary to heal your body without even thinking of the consequences, and you would do whatever it takes for a few giggles. Be responsible though and know what you are getting into. Boldness is great, but recklessness is always a negative quality.

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