The Moon is New in Capricorn this Christmas eve

This week The Moon is New and Jupiter are at an angle that is very complicated. Expanded possibilities for your life are all around you, but remember these opportunities have obstacles. Balance your life to the best of your abilities. You need to expand your horizons, your areas of responsibility and your accountability. You do not want change, but you cannot stick your head in the sand this week and do nothing. Fulfill goals by changing and altering. Make changes and you will be invigorated.

Neptune is on the opposite side of the New Moon this week and this brings on deceit form those around you. You may also be deceiving yourself. Thank about what you are saying and doing. You will see confusion from a different perspective. There are those who are not totally honest with you, but it is your task to determine what the deceit is. Set things right, get rid of negative feelings and create order.

Great week to look for art objects for your home. Find someone who is an up and coming artist. It will enhance your financial portfolio. It is fun to use the computer for writing and storage, but you need a more private way of keeping your journal. Write out your ideas, keep them in your mind, write down happenings and read them daily for a bit. You will see the big picture of your life.

Health and wellness is peace. Begin to love and enjoy everything around you rather than just going with the status quo. Things will work out how you want them, if you are a creator. Let your ideas out in communications.

Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Venus and the Sun are moving through Pisces this week. This is a huge lineup and creates energy in the sign of Pisces. You may find yourself looking for new opportunities and challenges. Things are more spiritual for those of Pisces and religion becomes very worthwhile.
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