The Moon Mount

The Moon Mount

For our purposes, the mount of the moon (sometimes referred to as the lunar mount, or mount of Luna) will represent a sense of intuition or of imagination.

The Moon Mount
Palmistry and Palm Reading, The Moon Mount, and What it Means

There is a fine line between the mount of the moon and the mount of Apollo, since the mount of Apollo applies to creativity. However, the definitions between imagination and creativity are quite different. An imaginative person is more likely to come up with new and exciting ideas, while someone that is creative may do well at writing, painting, or other arts, but have trouble coming up with original ideas. A truly great artist must have a mix of creativity and imagination in order to be successful, and it is important to understand the difference between the mount of the moon and the mount of Apollo for this reason.

The Moon Mount

Besides just imagination, the mount of the moon also stands for intuition. This is different from intelligence, or book smarts. Having a good intuition implies mental abilities that exist, but did not necessarily need to be honed. It is a kind of inherent intelligence that relies partly on instinct in order to differentiate itself from normal intelligence. It is a responsiveness that not everyone has, and to truly use it, it is suggested that you be very in touch with yourself and your place within the world around you. It is all of this that the mount of the moon symbolizes.

Of course, as much as the mount of the moon is able to tell you on its own, our most accurate understanding of our destinies comes from the interplay between the mounts and the four main lines that make up our palms, the fate line, the life line, the hear line, and the head line. The most meaning is derived from at what point and for what length these lines intersect with the various mounts. Anomalies may be possible, but realistically, it is not as if it is possible for all four lines to intersect all four mounts. Therefore, based on the location of the various lines of the palm, there are only a few lines that are most likely to come into contact with this mount (which is located at the base of the hand farthest from the thumb). These lines are the fate line and the life line.

If the fate line happens to come into contact with the mount of the moon, it could mean that eventually, using your intuition will be what gets you ahead in your career. Ever seen a spot where you knew you had to trust your instincts on a decision? This is an action which may benefit you overall. If your life line happens to cross with the mount of the moon, this is very serious. It could mean that you will one day be making a decision which will decide the fate of your very life all depending on how you trust your intuition. Of course, this all depends on how the line actually crosses mount of the moon. If it crosses the mount of the moon with an upward curve, this would mean that your choices will probably lead to a healthier and livelier path overall. If it crosses with a downward curve or with any kinds of crosses or odd patterns for the duration of the space that it spends in the mount of the moon, this could mean trouble. This may imply that your eventual demise will come from one badly placed decision. Watch out.

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