The Mount of Apollo

The Mount of Apollo

The mount of Apollo is probably one of the more popular and researched mounts because of the amount of different aspects that it embodies.

The Mount of Apollo
Palmistry and Palm Reading, The Mount of Apollo on your Palm, and What it means About Your Life

The mounts of the palm are very special to palmistry. While the layman to palmistry might think that the art mainly centers on reading lines in the hand, without the mount interpretations to go by, it would be near impossible to get a truly meaningful reading out of one palm. The great thing about the mounts is how specific they allow palm readers to get about certain things. The way that the main lines intersect with the mounts adds flavor and a richer understanding to the already bountiful understanding of the lines.

The Mount of Apollo

For the mount of Apollo, the interpretation of this mount being related to the personality aspects of the Greek god Apollo, this can mean a lot of important things about the person being studied. The qualities that the God Apollo possessed were many. He stood for all types of creativity and livelihood. The mount of Apollo stands for your more artistic side, and being located just under the ring finger where it is possible for it to intersect with the line of fate, and the life line, this can mean many great things for the person involved, or many negative things depending on whether the lines intersect or not.

Generally for a person that is at all creative, an idea career for them would be where they can use their creativity to help further their business agenda. If you have a line of fate that manages to intersect with the mount of Apollo at a positive angle, this can mean that you will fall into a career that will really utilize your creative abilities. If you have a life line that intersects with the mount of Apollo, this may mean that you are going to use your creativity much throughout your life in order to make your life better or to feel more fulfilled.

The ideal would be to have a line of fate that intersects with the mount of Apollo because this represents the ideal career for most people, but the mount of Apollo does not just represent creativity, it also represents a zest for life. This makes it even more ideal to have a positive intersection between the line of fate and the amount of Apollo. This would represent a zest for your own career which coincides with the way that you live your life. One of the hardest things to find in life is a career which you can truly love. Being predisposed to such a condition and finding out through palmistry will teach you that you can truly love your career.

Not only will your career be one that brings out the most creative parts of you, be it through the liberal arts, or through creative exploits in business or management, but it will also be one that you can really pour yourself into. The mount of Apollo has a huge meaning and is seen as one of the most important of all of the mounts.

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Madeline 2013-05-17 10:54:03
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Sorry but how can a life line intersect this mount? I'm intrigued to see a diagram of this intersection if possible. Thankyou.
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