The Mount of Mercury

The Mount of Mercury

The mount of mercury is especially important because it deals with the way that we communicate with others and how we express ourselves.

The Mount of Mercury
Palmistry and Palm Reading, The Mount of Mercury and The Meanings That it Holds

People generally assume that each part of the palm, lines and mounts alike, each possesses a single distinct attribute that we discuss when we consider palmistry. While each does focus on one thing, this does not mean that it is always so distinct. Many different meanings of the mounts also overlap with some of the main lines, and can have a lot to elaborate about in regards to overall palm reading. Palm reading is an art which attempts to predict the future and sometimes to draw up an accurate representation of the past. Without the subtle nuances that make up the meanings of each mount and line, it would be impossible to delve specifically enough into anything to maintain any benefit.

The Mount of Mercury

Luckily, the mounts add a lot more to our understanding of ourselves when our palms are being read. Not every mount necessarily has a meaning which intersects with the meaning of a different line, but the mount of Mercury specifically retains a lot of similarities to the heart line. The heart line is what shows us our emotions and how we interact with others on a base emotional level. The mount of mercury actually combines elements of our understandings of the heart line as well as the head line, because it applies to both. It does not directly cover our emotions or our ability to intuitively connect with others, but it addresses our abilities to connect with one another and to effectively communicate our ideas and emotions.

The mount of mercury is located at the base of the little finger, and bears a striking similarity in meaning to the god mercury, who acted as the messenger for other gods. He was swift footed and delivered messages from one god to another in all forms in the blink of an eye with the most effective process. This of course entails that the meaning of the mount would have very much to do with the abilities of the god himself. If your mount is unusually developed or if it stands out among the rest of the mounts, this could mean that your communicative skills are your strongest asset; that you are able to connect with others on a level that may not be reachable by everyone else.

Another interesting thing about the mounts is how they interact with the different lines. Of the main lines that almost all of us have, including the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line, it is no surprise that the heart line is the one that is most likely to connect to the mount of mercury. Therefore, if you have a heart line that connects positively to the mount of mercury, this can mean that not only are you an effective communicator in telling someone your point of view, but you may also have the rare ability of being able to communicate strong feelings in a meaningful way. If your line connects negatively, or has jagged marks, this could mean that you are great at communicating, except when it comes to your own emotions, where you are lacking.

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