The Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus

If you happen to see that you have a more prominent mount of Venus on your hand that stands out more than any of the other mounts, then this may mean that you are a very social creature.

The Mount of Venus
Palmistry and Palm Reading, The Mount of Venus and what it Says About Your Social Life

In order to determine whether this is the most developed mount or not, look at the space surrounding the area where your thumb meets the base of your palm. This is where the mount of Venus is located. If this area is more developed than any of the other mounts on the palm, then your strength is your social nature. You are a social person at your very core.

The Mount of Venus

Now it is important to mention the other method of palm reading. The main purpose of palm reading is the prediction of the future. While a simple analysis of the mounts will tell a person what their most prominent features are, it is very likely that they are already familiar with this. Unless you are trying to get a good idea of a person on your own, telling someone what type of person they are is probably a waste of time, as they would probably much rather know how their life will turn out, or their ultimate fate.

This is where line reading comes in. The lines assist in the prediction of the future. But with the main lines only covering four things, the career, the health, the emotions, and the intelligence, it is impossible to get very much specific information solely through analyzing these things. The best way to read a palm and get more specific and interesting information from doing so is to watch how the lines interplay with the mounts. Realistically speaking, it is simply very unlikely that certain lines will touch certain mounts, so to understand what your Venus mount may say about your future, it would be best to study the lines which are most likely to touch the Venus mount, the life line, and very rarely, the fate line.

The fate line applies to your career goals. If you have a fate line that is coming into contact with your mount of Venus, this usually relates to how your socialization will coincide with your career. Perhaps this will mean that a new job will eventually become a great place to make new friends. If there are stress marks or crosses in the pattern of the line over the mount of Venus though, then this may mean that in the future, your tendency to socialize will create more stress in your work environment than the entire situation is worth.

If you happen to have a life line that runs through your mount of Venus, this will tell you how your social life will relate to your health. When these two are so interconnected, this usually means that your friends are your source of health. If you do not spend enough time socializing with them, this could mean that your health will begin to decline. Obviously these two things cannot truly be that intertwined, but without having a social outlet or a vehicle in which to express themselves, many people are known to have gone a bit crazy. It’s all up to you.

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