The New Moon in Taurus: The Earth Quakes

The New Moon in Taurus: The Earth Quakes

The New Moon in Taurus on Saturday the 21st makes you feel grounded.

The New Moon in Taurus: The Earth Quakes
New Moon in Taurus predict the Earth Quakes trying to assert previous requests

If you have a plan this week is the time to put it into action. There is stable energy all around you and life is good. Clear thinking will be the hallmark of this week.

On the 19th the Sun moves into Taurus. Little things will make you feel grateful. You love all the things the Earth offers you. Avoid listening to the nightly news. Ignore the problems of the world, just for today. Realize that spring is moving into the world and daffodils are blooming, dreams are coming true and the sun is warm. Breathe deeply, balance your life by planting your feel firmly in the soil.

Being stubborn could be your downfall right now. Taurus is stubborn almost to the point of stupidity. If you dig your heels in known that you must be right or your will be labeled as unreasonable. This stubborn streak does help you say the course. Stand up for a good cause and choose our battles.

Sad to say but there is upsurge in earthquake activity all around the world. Those who are tuned into the frequencies of the Earth known this flurry of activity is the Earth shifting and balancing. She is moving to a more peaceful vibration. Change your life and alter your energy patterns with the change in the Earth. Turn into a higher frequency. Be someone who is drawn to the helpful side of mankind. As the Earth shakes realize that she is actually balancing her life. Balance your life and undergo changes that will help you adapt to truth. Support yourself by being healthy.

Make the most of the New Moon. After midnight clear your mind, sit quietly, and open you heart. Meditate. This is a place of stillness where all things are created. Add to the stillness the best life you can imagine for yourself and loved ones. Add light. Be grateful for what you have and be blessed.

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