The Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups

Interpretations of The Nine of Cups card range from lenient to harsh, but most agree that it represents some sort of satisfaction with your current situation.

The Nine of Cups
The Nine of Cups, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

While some suggest that it means you have worked hard to appreciate where you are currently, others will say that it is worse than that. The other side of the argument insists that the card represents smugness with your current situation and almost a detestation of where you were before. Basically both sides agree that it means you are happy with yourself, but cannot decide whether you are obnoxious about it or not.

When applied to the health area of a tarot spread, the nine of cups means that you have had a fulfilling relationship so far. You have been in the relationship long enough that you are probably not going to be surprised by anything any time soon, but at the same time you are okay with this predictability. It took you a long time to get here and you know that it did. In social situations this may lead to a bit of arrogance and showing off of your partner. This is not borne out of insecurity, but out of slight smugness.

When the nine of cups appears in the area of money, then it means that you are in a good position financially. You are probably in a better financial situation than most of your friends are and you are not shy about telling them if they are ever wondering about how much money you make. It took a long time to get there for you, but you think that all of the work that you did allows you to gloat about your fortune, since it was not acquired through dishonest means or gambling, or luck.

When the nine of cups card appears on your career section, this can be a bit more dangerous. As with the interpretations for other areas of your life, this generally means that you have reached a high point in your work place. You are the top dog, so to speak. You worked hard for all of the promotions that you have got, and now you’ve made it. You need to remember not to abuse your power though, and to make sure that other employees are not intimidated. You should still treat everyone respectfully and refrain from shoving your position in their faces. This is the way of a humble and good leader, and if you do not treat others with respect, it will lead to reprimands later.

If you get this card in reference to your health and happiness, it probably means that you are bragging about your physical condition. Your body is just the way you want it and you are okay with showing anyone that wants to see. Try not to make others feel bad about themselves when you do though. That is the mark of a good role model.

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