The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups

The meaning of the page of cups is related back to childhood as many of the page cards are.

The Page of Cups
The Page of Cups, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This card signifies a child that shows incredibly imaginative tendencies. This is a child that will grow up and find him or herself to be most successful in the liberal arts. While it may make school difficult for them earlier on, as it is hard for these children to focus on a set work schedule in that way, they will do greatly in things involving the arts. Some suggest that this may even mean that the child will have a certain divinity about it. It can possibly have psychic powers.

Seeing the page of cups in a situation related to love or romance can mean one of two things. If you have a child, or are going to have a child, or will conceivably at some point have a child with your current partner, then this child will possess the qualities listed above. It will be hard to raise them in the beginning, but the things that the child will do will marvel you, especially the things it is able to accomplish from an early age. If you are not in a relationship, or will not have a child, then this is an indication that you will do best in the world of love if you use your utmost creativity to advance yourself through the stages of a relationship.

When this card appears in the money area of a tarot spread, it usually means that somehow your money will lead you to a situation that you can benefit off of in terms of intelligence. This money will lead to a striking learning opportunity. It could be related to the money itself, such as learning how investments work, and how to make something out of nothing. Or it could mean that you will one day use your money to take up a class of some sort that will lead to a great wealth of knowledge in the future. It could also be something even less direct than that.

If this page of cups card is seen in your career section of your spread, it means that something will shift at your work soon, which is going to put you in a position to really use your creativity and learn new things. This will be an especially helpful and eventful occurrence, so watch for signs of it. It could mean you will be taking on a project unlike any you have ever handled or it could mean you are being taken over to an entirely new position that requires much more thought on your part. This will be especially exciting for people that are usually not so thrilled about their jobs.

Seeing this card in the happiness and health section of the tarot spread, means that you will soon find much more happiness out of life by being more creative. Take up a hobby like creative writing or painting and see where it leads.

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