The Page of Wands

The Page of Wands

If you look closer at the representation of the stick in the art, you can see that it is growing leaves out of it which means that there is something growing.

The Page of Wands
The Page of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

It represents a birth, renewal. The Page of Wands card itself also represents renewal of a sort. It is a very personal and questing card. When you see this card what it is trying to tell you is that you need to get more in touch with yourself. Soon an event will occur that will put you in a position where you need to really draw at your own inner power, but to do this you need to discover what that is. The Page of Wands is the start of this journey of self discovery.

If The Page of Wands card is found in the romantic area of a spread, what this means is usually that you will find a new appreciation for your partner. If your relationship seems to be on the rocks lately, then this can be a good way of rekindling that fire and passion that you had for your partner in the first place. Remember what attracted you to him or her in the first place. If your relationship is doing fine then this may mean that you are going to learn something about your partner that will increase your passion for them, and because the wand suit also has to do with information dispersal, this message will be coming fast.

Seeing the page of wands in the area of a spread that tells of your finances usually means that it is time for you to start from the beginning. You do not have to throw away all your money. Far from it. After working at the same job earning the same wage for so long, you tend to have a cooled off attitude towards money, not aspiring for bigger things because you already have your budget laid out. Well, this is an indication that you need to work harder, find new sources of money, and treat it with a respect that you did not have for it before. Money is very important and you need to realize that. If you want to have more in the future, then treat what you earn with more respect and have a rejuvenated attitude for it.

This same attitude also goes for the career area of the spread. A lot of careers can get boring after you’ve been at it for thirty or forty years. Even after five years, boredom can start to set in. The page of wands is letting you know that you will soon have a new respect for your job. And if you happen to see the page of wands in the health area of your reading then this means that you will probably be seeing a change in the way that you view personal health soon enough. You may be going to the gym sooner or later of your own accord just to stay in shape.

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