The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles

The queen of pentacles, also known as the queen of coins in more modern versions of tarot is a woman that represents all of the positive aspects of womanhood, and at once, all of the positive aspects of wealth as well.

The Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

She is surrounded by luxury, and is willing to give to anyone that asks, which is how she attained her position as queen. She makes no apologies for loving her extravagant lifestyle, and she cherishes every minute of it, yet she is quick to give some part of it up in order to make someone happy that is less fortunate. This is the sentiment that the queen of pentacles represents.

If you happen to see a queen of pentacles card in the area of a tarot spread which represents money, this generally means that you have a lot of money. But you do not take your wealth for granted and are aware of the work it took to get there even if that work was not all your own. You are extremely grateful for your life of luxury and will not be scared to share some of it with others. You give with abundance and in friendship in order to make the lives of others better in the process.

Seeing the queen of pentacles in the area that represents love and relationships probably means that you are a very giving lover. You hold yourself and your lover to a high standard of attractiveness and mental capacity within your relationship, but show how grateful you are with the outcome nearly every day. If you are married and share a child, then this is also a card which symbolizes motherhood and shows that you are a compassionate and caring mother to your child. If you are a man and receive this card then it is telling you that you want a greater role in the raising of your child, or feel that you have not had enough presence in the child’s life.

Seeing the queen of pentacles in the area of the spread which represents health and happiness is a great way of showing the high standards of life that you have attained over the years. Possibly through no fault of your own, you have developed expensive tastes and hold people to a high bar. However, you know what you are doing and are not drunk with power. Many people could learn something from your level of self control and your responsibility.

When the queen of pentacles takes the place that represents your career in a spread, this means that you will do better in your work place by showing other how to have a high standard as well. Do not accept shoddy work, and do not do shoddy work yourself. This will ensure that you are taken seriously and will lead to much more respect in the work place in the future.

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