The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords

The meaning of card The Queen of Swords mostly has to do with caution and lack of trust.

The Queen of Swords
The Queen of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The queen does not completely trust anyone no matter how well she knows them. This is known by the firmness of her gaze, her strong grip on her sword, and the dark clouds in the background which symbolize past wrongs that have been wrought against her. The crown of butterflies that she wears is a symbol for a clear mind. She knows exactly what she is doing. She has had too many things go wrong in the past to ultimately trust anybody fully, and will always be at the ready.

When the queen of swords appears for you in the relationship area of your spread, what it generally means is that you have been hurt in the past in relation to your relationships. Perhaps you have had a few bad men or women in your life that have lied to you or cheated on you. In your current relationship, your defenses are up, and you are wary that your partner may hurt you in the same way that your past partners have hurt you. It is good to be on your guard for some time, but to truly get to know someone and ultimately progress in the relationship, you are going to want to letdown your guard and let them in eventually.

The queen of swords, in reference to money generally means that you have made some bad decisions with money in the past. Maybe you’ve made bad investments, or maybe you’ve just spent your money in a foolhardy way without considering other expenses. Either of these could be true. You have gotten yourself in a much better position since those times, but you are wary of your past habits and keep a close guard over all of your money. This is responsible, but not necessary after a certain point. Once you trust yourself enough, try to tone down the tension.

The queen of swords in reference to the career portion of your tarot spread means that people have tricked you in the past. You have taken on the responsibilities of others in the hopes that they will help you too when the time comes, but they haven’t. Your heart has grown a bit cold and you are a bit distant, but your mind is not polluted with thoughts of jealousy. You are merely watchful. Others might find it hard to make friends with you at work, but in your opinion, work is not a place for friends so you are not too worried about this.

The queen of swords card, when it is placed in the area of a spread dealing with health and happiness is generally considered to be a negative sign. This does not mean there is any kind of impending doom for you or anything of that nature, but this card usually means that you have lost the trust for the rest of the world that you once had and are going to be a tenser person. This is a lifelong prediction and it will take a lot to change your demeanor.

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