The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups

Some interpreters send their time trying to figure out what each of the seven symbols means on The Seven of Cups card, but it is well understood that what the card is trying to get at is the wishful thinking of the person that is beholding the images.

The Seven of Cups
The Seven of Cups, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This card usually applies to someone that may have unrealistic goals in a certain area, or expects much more to come from something than he or she ever should. In general, if you see this card, you should learn to come to terms with disappointment.

Seeing this card in the romance area of your spread usually means that you have put some kind of unfair expectation on your lover. This is also known as putting a person on a pedestal. You think that they are the perfect person because they fit many of the qualifications that might make them perfect for you. However, everyone has their downfalls and nobody is truly perfect. This is something you will have to come to terms with soon before your partner’s actions and tendencies start to disappoint you too much. It is inevitable that disappointment will come soon, so just make sure to brace yourself.

Seeing this card appears in the area of a spread dealing with career means you have set your sights too high for a specific thing. This usually applies to a promotion or to a raise. Just because you have been doing good work recently does not put you in line for CEO. Try to think with a level head and see where your good work will get you in the future. Right now you do not need to aspire for the best job in the world. It will be hard, but it is something you will have to work not just hard for, but also long. Keep things in perspective.

When the seven of cups shows up in the area of a spread that deals with money, this means that you are thinking that you are going to get an increase in money some time soon. This card usually shows up when you are thinking about selling some of your belongings, or expensive assets. You need to be real with yourself and think of what you can actually get for them though. You may have bought your car for 24,000 but after you’ve driven it around for 10 years and gotten it all dirty and the engine clogged and the mileage run up into the tens of thousands, you are not going to be able to get the same price you got for it originally. Prepare for a modest increase, but not an unrealistic one.

When the seven of cups is the fortune for your health and happiness it means that you are probably thinking of taking up diet or exercise soon. Remember that you aren’t going to be able to lose 3 pounds a day. The healthiest diet and exercise is one that takes the course of a year or even more and loses weight slowly and gradually. While it is possible to lose weight or gain muscle at a very fast rate, it will nearly break you, and end up making you less healthy than when you began. Think about that before you try anything rash.

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