The Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands

If it is to be assumed that the staffs below him are being used as weapons by invisible characters beneath the staffs then this means that he is in fact defending himself.

The Seven of Wands
The Seven of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This is what the meaning of The Seven of Wands card is most often related to, the idea of defending something important to you or holding on to something of significance to you. This is not the same thing as the five of wands which holds a similar meaning. The five of wands will tell you to fight for what you believe in, to attain the upper hand. The seven of wands lets you know that you are already at the top of the hill. When conflict comes along, fight it off and hold to your position.

When The Seven of Wands card appears in the relationship area of a tarot spread it is often misinterpreted the same way that the five of wands is. Because arguments are so common in relationships, when a person gets this card, they think that it means that they need to hold firm to their stance in an argument. Because these arguments are usually silly things like, should we have fish or steak tomorrow night for dinner, there is no point in fighting over them. Usually what this means is something completely different. In fact it is usually an indication that you need to be a better partner. You have fought for so long to attain a high position in your partner’s mind, to have them think so positively of you. If you want to keep this spot in their mind you will probably need to do some things that you would not normally do. Make compromises and do the best you can to make sure that this relationship works. Defend your position.

If The Seven of Wands card appears in the money area of your fortune, it means that you need to really defend your bank account. For example, there may be people out there looking for investments and for loans just because they know that you have the money. Just because you have the money does not mean that you need to let anyone borrow it. You are in a fantastic position and worked hard to get there. Instead educate people on how they can create the same fortune for themselves that you were able to.

If seeing this card when it comes to your career then this probably means someone is competing for your spot. Has a new person just joined the company and is trying to take up all of the jobs that you’ve been doing and kissing up to the boss to get a promotion? Do not let him take your job or take the promotion that you deserve. Be twice the person he is and get yourself back in favor with your employer.

If this shows up in the health slot of your tarot readings then what this means is usually that you have let yourself go in some way. It does not necessarily mean that you have gotten fatter or anything, but it could mean that you’ve suddenly taken on a lower standard for your own personal health. Do not let this fate befall you. Make sure to stay in shape and make healthy choices.

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