The Six of Cups

The Six of Cups

The Six of Cups card is said to represent childhood, and not the inclination to act childish such as the fool card, but the nostalgia that an adult has for simpler times.

The Six of Cups
The Six of Cups, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This has been the past interpretation for many years, though some interpreters suggest that in a more modern way of thinking, it represents love of the purest sort. Children are often seen as the pinnacle of humanity, because of their innocence and ability to love their parents unconditionally. This is the emotion that the six of cups represents.

The six of cups being placed in the area of the spread that deals with romance usually means that you have a love for your partner that is like that of a child. This does not mean anything bad. On the contrary, it actually means that you have reached such a state of true love, that your love for your partner could never be questioned. Despite how much they could hurt you if they so chose, at this point in your life, you could not stop loving them the way that you do even if you wanted to.

Seeing this card in the area of the spread that represents money usually means that you have been in financial trouble recently. This can cause you to go back in your mind to remember the times when you did not have to worry about money so much. While it can be helpful to remember happy memories in a stressful situation, you need to remember that you are an adult now, and your memories are a thing of the past. The best way that you can help yourself would be if you took responsibility for your poor choices in the past and simply did all of the work that needed to be done to get your finances back where they need to be.

The fortune for career information is very similar to that of the one for money, but this card is seen for your career fortune when something happens, like you become trusted with too many responsibilities at work. You may long for a time when things were less complicated and you did not have to do so much work. All you had to worry about doing was house chores, and the worst consequence of not doing those would be grounding. These were usually good days for most people when they weren’t forced to worry about real jobs and important duties.

Seeing the six of cups in the area of a spread that deals with health and happiness usually means that you have been thinking very much about your childhood recently and have been remembering the happier times. Alternatively, it could mean that your health is declining and you are often having memories of your childhood back when your body was more resilient. These can be healthy for you, and often simply being a happier person can lead to greater health. On average, psychologically confirmed optimists live seven years longer than pessimists. It may be circumstantial evidence, but until a link is totally disproven, it might help you to remember your childhood if that is what makes you happy.

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