The Sun enters Aquarius - January 20th, 2012

The Sun enters Aquarius - January 20th, 2012

The Sun in Aquarius gives us a forward thinking progressive energy.

The Sun enters Aquarius - January 20th, 2012
The Sun enters Aquarius January 20th, 2012, Free Astrology Forecast

Unique solutions and total brilliance can occur when Aquarius energy is in the mix. As a collective we may find our concern for the greater good of All increasing. You can shift away from last month's serious Capricorn business and start to see the importance of the collective, your community, and humanity as a whole.

With sun in Aquarius you will feel less moved by emotions. You may find your mind active and searching. Expect ideas that change your life. Brilliant twists on outworn methods. Now would be a great time to get involved with your community- Research indicates that people involved in a community of some kind, live longer and feel happier. Before we isolated ourselves in cities, we all lived in tribal settings. The tribe would gather to share and dance and make music, to celebrate. Somehow we lost this deeply supportive tribal experience in our western worlds. Now would be an auspicious time to seek out a group of like minded individuals. Fortify yourself with community. So you can live longer- who doesn't want to live longer?

Aquarius thrives on this group energy, but also enjoys to stand alone, unimpeded by the weight of obligation or expectation. Expect to feel curious and friendly, open to change and fringe philosophies. Now is not the time for small ideas. Be ready for sudden insight and course corrections in the month of the Aquarius Sun.

This is also a great time for discussions, communication in general will be enjoyable and likely profitable. Take time to share ideas and thoughts with the people you come into contact with. You could also meet an Aquarius type right now. A person who introduces new ideas, and ways of living that you may not have thought of before. Your world view might take a hit,but this will be expansive and liberating- after the rubble settles.

We all have a part of our chart in Aquarius. An area of your life will be influenced by Aquarius energy and that part of your life will be activated this month. Consult your personal birth chart for this information. Watch your life situations carefully and you will see this limitless energy expressing itself somewhere in your world. Some part of your life is in need of change and this shift will usher in that change. Fly free and enjoy what you are discovering about Humanity and the world at large.

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Pjt 2012-01-22 07:37:52
Hey, I am Aquarius 2/3/1956 married to man 1/261957. After 29 years of what I thought to be happy marriage, abruptly w no precursor, he comes in and says he's leaving.. Packs things.. Moves to Mumbai with girlfriend from high school he hasn't seen in 35 years. He's now sorry and regretting this but vacillates between crying because he gets it and not sure he can leave ( hurt ) her.

He started taking to her right before Christmas 2010, walked out on Feb 13 2011, and our divorce was final (he never showed up) on Jan 5 2012.

I constantly see 11:11 on clock, so much that it is NOT just a coincidence. Marriage date 02/06/1982. Moved into house after he left that was 3161. Lots of 11's or so it seems numerology wise.

In one year (2011h, I lost my husband w this midlife whatever, I almost lost my mid grieving, I lost my home, I had heart attack from grieving, had breast cancer, major kidney problems, and finally lost my job, (got fired for being off work w illness) now looking like my cars, home, etc., because I have no income .

Does any of this have a precedent in the stars? He seems to be getting his mid back (some) but but I don't know what to think as this years has been so out of the blue and shocking.

Uranus? Neptun?

Does any of this or these dates track with astrological goings on? Is there any hope that things will turn around or can I just expect more? This has been SOOO crazy!

Thanks for any input

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