The Sun in Scorpio - October 23rd 2011

The Sun in Scorpio - October 23rd 2011

This week is terribly confusing.

The Sun in Scorpio - October 23rd 2011
Astrology forecast for October 23rd 2011, The Sun moves into Scorpio

There are some who claim the ancient Mayan calendar will end on the 21st and so will the world. Really this is only a turning of a page and is a new beginning and a change. It can start within your heart or your situation. It does not mean total destruction. The Sun shifts into Capricorn this week but this is a changing of the season from fall to Winter Solstice. It is really a magical time and a time to sleep.

On Monday change the way you communicate. An opportunity to expand what you know will be yours. Find a balance between how you used to do things and how you will now do things. You will find you are irritated if you don’t get what you want from a relationship love. You are asking questions that will cause hurt and changes. The truth can make you pause and think.

Jupiter moves through Gemini this week and more information is coming your way and crowding out your thoughts. You need to know exactly what to do on projects and the truth will be necessary to process all the information. You want to thank your love this week for things that they have done for you. They have created peace and harmony in your home. Choose the path you want your thoughts to go.

The Mayans felt that the 21st of December would be the last day of one cycle and the opening of another. They, too, felt the world was wicked and confused and must start over. The Mayans believed that a new opening would change the mind and thoughts of citizens and bring about peace. You can bring peace by working with others, volunteering and giving of yourself.

Be open in family relationships and friendships. Turn the page and look toward education and experience. Listen to children when they talk to you. They often are very intuitive. Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Thank the universe, thank God, and listen to your Spirit Guides. The Birth of the Savior saved the world. Believe.

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