The Sun Moves into Sagittarius

The Sun Moves into Sagittarius

If you are Sagittarius born this will be a strong time for you- You are bolstered by the buoyancy of your ruling planet Jupiter.

The Sun Moves into Sagittarius
The Sun Moves into Sagittarius. What to expect from The Sun is making a shift from Scorpio into Sagittarius.

Sag is a wonderful sign, with noble hearts. There is always two sides of course, but now I will focus on the positive. A Sagittarius Soul seeks truth. Most of them are driven to honesty and can't tolerate emotional ambiguity-cards must be on the table, no matter how unpleasant for them, to find true happiness. Usually they learn about this through life situations where full disclosure was rejected or unacceptable, forcing them to be dishonest to keep the peace. Always the truth, as it is in the moment, is necessary for a Sagitarrius to be content - Life will teach them this.

With the Sun shining through the lens of Sagittarius you will feel the pull to adventure, the grass will be greener somewhere other than where you are. Use this time to glimpse your heart's desire- You can see things clearly now, honestly. Dust off your dreams and get real with yourself- think big, aim high! If expansive thinking is difficult for you, we often have a hard time seeing beyond the box our society has put us in, now you will be gifted with Vision!

The darker side of all this light is the know-it-all certainty most Sags handle things in their lives with. This, combined with a drive to teach what they have learned can make them, pushy and rude, or even worse, self-righteous and arrogant. The thing is, they have this powerful intuition that provides information that is often correct, thus learning to trust their inner voices above all else. They all learn lessons in delivery. But are always driven to truth.

Now it is possible to clarify all aspects of your life- Enjoy this expansion for the next month while the sun is in Sagittarius-We all have an area of our natal chart ruled by Sagittarius- watch for the area of your life you feel an urge to expand in- and Utilize this honest energy to make life better.

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