The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands

The ten of wands is another card where the picture really directly applies to the interpretation of the card.

The Ten of Wands
The Ten of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The youth in The Ten of Wands card is attempting to carry the weight of all of these wands on his own. He has taken on more tasks than he can really bare and is not able to deal with all of the stress occurring because of it. The Ten of Wands card symbolizes that overburdened state. If this card shows up for you anywhere on the tarot spread, it means that in that area of your life, you feel you have taken on too many responsibilities or are trying to handle too many things yourself.

If you were to see The Ten of Wands card in the relationship area of a tarot spread, the meaning becomes that much more potent. A relationship is a partnership, and both members of the partnership need to work together in order to make a success out of it. If you feel that you have taken on too many responsibilities, then this can be a very negative omen. You should not do more than your partner in a relationship, because this will lead to feelings of inequality which will poison the relationship. Maybe it is a feeling, or maybe you really have taken on too many aspects of the relationship. Give your partner more responsibilities, in the end it will work out best for both of you this way.

If you see this card when you are looking up the money area of your spread then this means that your financial obligations are too many. You can pull through just as the youth on the card does if you try your hardest, but because you are putting so many responsibilities on yourself, you are riding a very thin line between responsible and poor. If there are any expenses you can afford to cut out such as extra money for relatives, or an HBO subscription, try to cut those out of your spending. Do not give yourself more bills than you can afford to pay.

Seeing this card in your career segment of your tarot spread is pretty common for people that work really hard at their jobs. They feel that they are doing more work than they deserve to, or not getting paid as much as they deserve for the work that they’re doing. If you can continue to push through it, then best of luck to you, but if not, try asking if someone else can take over some of your work for you so you can do a bit less. Either that or ask for a raise so you can feel like all of the work is worth it.

Seeing this card appear in the health area of your spread means ill omens as well, literally. It means that you have worked yourself too hard and need to take a break, physically. Don’t overburden your body at all anymore. That fourth bag of groceries can wait for a second trip; you can find a professional to clean your gutters for you. Treasure your health, because it is the one thing in this world that is truly your own.

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