The Three of Cups

The Three of Cups

The three of cups card represents a joyous social act.

The Three of Cups
The Three of Cups Tarot, Card Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The people on the card are toasting to good fortune. It shows friendship and a certain carelessness that is fleeting and only momentary during the good times. However, this can also be associated with frivolity and shows that the people in the picture are not as invested in each other as you might imagine. There is an element of superficiality to the gathering and this does not necessarily stand for a positive thing overall.

When this is applied to romance, it has almost the same meaning that the two of cups has, but with less intensity. It shows that there is a mild connection growing between you and your partner, but at the same time it hints that this might all be over something that is superficial. Do you really care about your romantic partner? If you do then you might need to perform some tests and ask some questions to see how they really feel about you. Sincerity and true love is important for a long lasting relationship, and the weak bond that the three of cups shows will not be enough to last a life time. If you have already put a timeline on your relationship though, then just enjoy it while it lasts.

Seeing this card in the area that represents career suggests that a kind of camaraderie has been formed between you and your business partners or co-workers, but it also shows that this is a superficial bond. Though the insincere aspect of it might throw you off, this is a common experience for people that get this card. It is hard to really be friends with a large group of coworkers, but to be good enough friends to have a few laughs during your lunch breaks and occasionally go to the company barbecue; this will get you through the working week happy.

When this card is seen as your fortune for anything money related, it usually means that you have to be less of a big spender. Try not to spend too much money in the coming days and try to relax on the pleasures that you can purchase for yourself with the money. None of it is necessary to your happiness, so don’t pretend that it is. You might even find a greater joy from giving to others, but only give to those that you trust, and those that will use your money for good purposes. People will be out there looking for loans and financial help that have no friendship with you. Do not trust them with your bank account.

Seeing this as your fortune for health and happiness usually implies that you are somewhat of a partier. The three of cups shows people laughing and having a good time, but how close are they? It is important for you to remember to keep your best friends as close as possible and not to get too caught up in the lives of people that do not really care about you.

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