This week Astrology Predictions: April 23-28, 2012

This week Astrology Predictions: April 23-28, 2012

This is an exciting week.

This week Astrology Predictions: April 23-28, 2012
Astrology prediction for April 23-28, 2012, ability to have a clear vision

Life is a bit turbulent and things are moving quickly. The chaos around you is creative and fun. This is the first week the Sun is in Taurus. This will bring stability to your life. Plant your feet deep. Avoid listening to untruths and don’t believe everything you hear.

The Moon will be in Gemini on April 23rd through the 25th. If you need to get your opinions across you can do it these days. You will enjoy running errands and little road trips to fun places. Gemini is curious so use this time to learn as much as possible. Write, talk, walk and keep your body in motion. You do not want mental energy to turn into a neurosis! If you feel anxious stop using stimulants like coffee, sugar and chocolate. Eating more vegetables and fruits will calm you down. Go out and plant this week. The weather is awesome and walking bare foot on the grass is empowering.

Stay balanced. You will need it when Mercury and Uranus form a conjunction. These two will cause energy that is almost like a lightning strike to your mind. You may be forced to change the way you think and how you look at the world.

As the Moon moves in Cancer on April 26th and 27th, you will feel compelled to keep track of your feelings. Pay attention to what makes you angry. Plan activities for home; stay home and avoid crowds. Cook, redecorate, and organize your abode. This will keep you cushioned from emotions and feelings. Avoid repressing thoughts. Repression may led to aggression, or you may feel compelled to be rude.

Play on the weekend with the Leo Moon. Play and indulge in fantasies. Offer encouragement and help to others. Spread love to yourself and the children in your life.

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