This week Astrology Predictions: April 30 - May 6,2012

This week Astrology Predictions: April 30 - May 6,2012

On Saturday the Moon will be at its peak in Scorpio.

This week Astrology Predictions: April 30 - May 6,2012
Astrology Prediction for week April 30 - May 6,2012, take everything easy

There will be high and intense feelings. At hand may be tense situation at work or arguments and fights at home. Scorpio loves to pull out nuggets of hidden truth and force people to stop tell lies. Truth exists where there are no secrets. The Full Moon will help you get in touch with those secrets that are ruining your life.

Monday is an earthy day. Virgo greets the Moon and forces organization. The Sun in Taurus will give you a solid ground to stand on. You now have grounded energy you need to keep the push and pull between the Moon and Neptune away. If you let their arguments into your life you will feel confused and your old addictive behaviors will return. Use the Virgo energy to bring inspiration into your life. Organize the details of your mind. Write down ideas and work on them throughout the week.

Wednesday you find you are shifting toward relationships. Appreciate who and what you have in your life. Recognize the help and beauty of your partners. You have created peace in your world and it is good. Think about what you are willing to give and what you need. If you are still searching balance, you will find it this week. You will have to compromise, but you see the benefits of working with someone else. Adjust your viewpoint. Balance equally equality. Make sure issues in your relationship are fair for the both of you.

Thursday brings on lucky Venus and Mercury. They will show you how to value and relate to your world. Feel good just being you. You may find that others will give you accolades and help you feel worthy. Jump into conversations, show who you are, know that you are attractive.

The Full Moon glows on Saturday night. It is going to be a tumultuous time. If you have either a Scorpio or Taurus in your birth chart you will feel this disruption more than others. Watch for distrust and betrayal from loved ones. Scorpio loves to play with emotions. Emotions will be complicated. This does not mean these feelings and emotions will cause concern, but they will be strong and somewhat complicated. Life this week is good, bad and in-between.

The Full Moon will bring Saturn and Mercury in opposition. When planets oppose each other they bring on emotion and drama. There might be serious misunderstandings, arguments and out and out fights during this Full Moon. Before speaking be sure of what you know. Communicate, compromise and keep your harsh words out of the situation. Be certain of where you want to go and don’t let others change your mind. Use the energy of the Full Moon to see all sides of the coin. Delay your hasty actions until the end of the week when things are less chaotic.

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