This week Astrology Predictions: March 19-25, 2012

This week Astrology Predictions: March 19-25, 2012

A look at the chart for this time gives us a glimpse of the year ahead- times are changing faster than fast.

This week Astrology Predictions: March 19-25, 2012
Astrology Prediction for March 19-25, 2012. The start of real astrological spring that is the true New Year of coming period.

To ride this wave into the future you will have to get in touch with who you are on deep down levels; the arrival of the Aries Sun on the Equinox will assist you in assisting yourself-it’s time to toot your horn.

Monday the Moon moves into Pisces in the early evening- you may find yourself gearing down. It's time for reflection, allow your dreams to speak. See what comes to mind. It's up to you to decide how you want your life to unfold. We participate in the creation of our realities so much more than we real-ize. Not choosing is still a choice. With the Pisces energy you can tap the pulse of the subconscious. Long forgotten wishes can be accessed adding richness and joy to your life on earth. Listen for your rhythm. Conjure some courage.

Tuesday the emotional Moon is in aspect to deep changing Pluto and philosophical Jupiter creating opportunity for more depth in your world. Things begin to have more meaning, you feel higher purpose stirring. Mars, the initiator is in the mix firing up your passion. If things aren't right in the world why are you just sitting there? Participate. Make your mark. How will you be remembered when you are gone? Write your obituary? It's time to get to the point and life seems short. Good thing too, or we'd never accomplish anything.

On Wednesday still back tracking Mercury is occupying the same space as our life giving Sun. Be ready to communicate. Perhaps ideas from the past will resurface. Maybe pull that novel you wrote off the shelf and breath new life into it. With Mercury retrograde it's quite likely that a publisher will scoop it up. The past resurfaces in retrograde Mercury- It's a good time for a do-over. Keep an eye open for opportunities.

The New Moon in Aries occurs early on March 22, 2012. This is the first New Moon of the New Astrological year and the most powerful day to set your intentions for the year ahead. Make your dreams tangible by writing them down, or make a collage. Capture your wishes in visual images. Work with the Universe by being clear about your intentions. What do you want out of life? What steps will you need to take to make this happen? Don't waste the power to create. That is what makes us unique in the animal kingdom. We create. Find your niche and make something real. Uranus is right on top of this New Moon, Uranus loves to push the envelope and loathes restriction. If you need to break free of something expect the unexpected. Uranus is expert in busting you out of stagnant situations. It takes courage to follow your Heart and the stars are aligning to move you forward on your path. Change is coiling for the pounce. All you can do is eat your veggies. Keep strong and unmedicated. You will need your natural faculties intact to access your full potential.

Friday March 23,2012, Mercury, clever communicator, moves into compassionate Pisces. Use this shift in mental energy to channel your inner artist. Tap the pulse of the unseen reality all around us. The driving force of life is everywhere, nowhere and now here. Your thinking will deepen while Mercury explores life through the lens of Pisces. How did we get here? What is our Purpose? Is there life on other planets? Is it true we are born into a time of rapid evolution? Is remote viewing possible?-Travelling in your mind to chosen destinations- watching with your mind. If you can find the time to inquire, a little searching for truth will expand your conscious awareness. The next month will add depth and concern to your thinking.

The weekend arrives with Uranus active again. Be ready for more change. Opportunities to jump ship will present themselves. Take chances or chance will take you. The electric nature of Uranus can stress your nervous system. Headaches and anxiety may suddenly appear. Eat grounding foods- root veggies and roasted seeds and nuts will nourish you. Breathe roots from your feet deep into the earth. Grounding activities will keep you firmly rooted to reality. Stand in your power knowing the nourishing Earth below your feet is fully supporting you. Breath deeply of freely provided life giving oxygen. You have all that you need to have what you want. The getaway car is pulling up. Take chances. Be Bold, and Providence will assist you in ways you've only imagined. Happy New Year!

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