This week in astrology: April 1 - 7, 2013

This week in astrology: April 1 - 7, 2013

This first week in April, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Uranus are in Aries.

This week in astrology: April 1 - 7, 2013
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You know what needs to be done and now you have the energy to move in the right direction. Breathe in the cool, fresh air (literally) and blow out the old. Open windows, spring clean and vacuum everything. Paint if you need to. Move furniture and buy new things. Learn about feng shui.

Action is important for Aries to keep energy moving though their life. Sitting around and being contained is just not acceptable. You may burst out with something embarrassing and inappropriate if you are not busy enough. Go after what you really want. Keep in mind your family and friends. Do not alienate them. Feel the energy of the crowd outside or the co-workers in your office. They can be allies in your quest for a new life. Be aware of others and prevent miscommunications.

On Saturday a conjunction between Mars and Venus will occur in Aries. This is a new cycle for these planets this year. Venus is very valuable and you relate to her. Mars will be your willpower and give you the strength to move forward. It is a great to go after the relationship you have been seeking. Be bold, energetic and positive. Don’t be afraid to let your thoughts and feelings guide your life just for one week. Feel the alignment of the planets. This will give you what you want. Release the life you no long want and go for what you really want. The past is gone and has nothing you need. Open your heart to someone new. This could be the most magical week of the entire year.

You can accomplish much this very first week of April. You have strong instincts and your inner urges and needs can be accomplished. Aries energy allows you to express who you are. Follow your intuition and just be you. Believe that the world is filled with adventure, miracles and wonderment.

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