This week in astrology: April 15 - 21, 2013

This week in astrology: April 15 - 21, 2013

On Monday Venus will move out of Aries.

 This week in astrology: April 15 - 21, 2013
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This is good for Taurus relationships. Taurus loves food, comfort, peace and beauty and Aries is more self-serving. Venus moving in Taurus brings about concern for the welfare of loved ones. Resolve situations are disruptive. Connect on a down to earth level with the people you love.

On Wednesday the Sun will work with Mars. This is a very fiery combination. You will make progress on your projects and they will be done quickly and completely. Take the time to plant your feet firmly on the ground. Breath deep, eat natural and organic foods, and exercise more. This will help with the excess energy flowing around you. If you eat healthy and are well-rested you can channel your energy into good. If you are not grounded you will feel frustrated and your stubborn nature will come out with a vengeance. You may have little ailments that are annoying this week; take precautions. Talk yourself into a good mood and don’t let little inconveniences threaten your week.

As Venus and Neptune move around they will form a perfect situation on Thursday. Your brightest dream may just come true. Will you meet your soulmate in class? Will you get a call from your supervisor that gives you an added working opportunity? Just listen to music and be inspired. This is a great day to read a good book, finish homework, and settle your accounts. You are in charge of your own life and nothing can stand in your way.

Friday watch as the Sun slides into the sign of Taurus. The pace of life will shift to a slower tempo that is so characteristic of Taurus. You will not need to run around like crazy to get things done. You will just need to watch and see if your plans are working. Sit on the porch, drink lemonade and watch the rain fall.

Come out of the darkness of winter and cherish the healing power of spring. Eat well, sleep well, and act well during the month of Taurus. This is a peaceful week and a time for healing.

On Saturday Mars moves into Taurus. If you want to live in a fast paced world, this is not the week to do it. Things happen when they are ready and according to nature’s rhythm. There is no hurrying. Take it slow and get things done methodically and thoroughly.

Uranus sees all the fun that is going on in Taurus and decides to square off with Mercury. This causes interesting communication situations. You might find yourself being abrupt and non-committal. Your family will cringe when you walk into a room full of strangers; they don’t know what you will say. They just know it will be sarcastic. Be more aware of who you are and what you are saying. Think about the golden rule. You won’t see this coming so be aware that Uranus can be a troublemaker for slower moving signs.

Sunday, or the last day of this interesting week sees Mercury talking to Pluto. You are feeling bothered and almost want to talk out your emotional problems with an old love. You have vague feelings and someone will say something that triggers an old memory. Pluto will make waves and send you reeling. Be careful.

Through the week you are moving along your own path. You can grow little by little and struggle with changes or look with joy on the things you have accomplished. It is just an attitude change. Look for a prosperous and love filled life. It is around the corner. Everything you are feeling and going through today makes you a stronger person.

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