This week in astrology: April 22 - 28, 2013

This week in astrology: April 22 - 28, 2013

During this week the Moon will convince you it is time to sort through and clean up your stuff.

This week in astrology: April 22 - 28, 2013
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What issues are bothering you this week? Think about them as you sort and pack. Determine how powerful you are and what you can do with that power. Is it for family good? Your career? Or power just for you to squander away?

If you have issues with trust you need to look inside yourself. Are your trustworthy? There are obsolete thoughts and feelings running through your mind. Get rid of them. You don’t keep outdated electronics, so thoughts need to be cleaned out. Addictions are harmful. Get rid of what you cannot do without, but what is not necessary. It could be shopping, drinking, video games or just about anything. If you eat too much or exercise too often you might be the victim of addictive behavior. Addictions take away your life force and steal your power.

Saturn moves through this week and stabilizes changes. Saturn reminds you that discipline and healthy routines make the world go around. You need persistence to finish projects and choirs and patience to see investments and conversations come to fulfilment. Saturn will give you stability and purpose, but if you are being affected negatively you will feel unable to move and express your feelings. You will be fearful and blind to your emotions.

Mars steps in this week to ensure that you will release pent up emotions. Tension needs to be alleviated as The Moon, Saturn and Mars move along together. Go with the flow and let things happen as they will. You need to trust your insight and those of your family. You can trust that you will able to finish what you started if you are careful and plan.

Neptune feels positive this week, there will be lightness added to the day. You will feel energetic to get things done on any day of this week. Your week will be filled with dreams and ways to accomplish those dreams. What you do this week will lead to a better future for your family and for you. Listen to the vibes sent down from Neptune. In a positive position Neptune inspires with good ideas.

Watch the Full Moon this week. The Moon can be your inspiration for letting go of situations that are damaging and people who are no longer useful. Make a commitment with one person and keep it for life. Work with health. It is very important that you eat right, exercise and be positive. Ask yourself the question, Why am I here?

When the Sun passes through the Moon’s house it is like a phase that should give clues for life changes. Think of this passing as one door closing and another one opening. There is always something good around the corner. This week is the time to take advantage of these closings and openings.

Pluto is the ruler of this week and doesn’t care if he/she is nice or look great. Just a week to push away from about yourself and just be as comfortable as you can. You do not want to think about what is going on with your body; you have no desire for any type of illness. Trying to hide from reality is a common practice. If your mind is sad and depressed there are all manners of prescriptions that can bring you up. However, using crutches to make you happy will not work. Face what is going on in your life and use positivity and spirituality to bring yourself up.

What a powerful week this can be. Take care of yourself and be kind. Don’t let down on your goals and stop beating yourself into the ground. Remember to be kind to others, too. What you give now will come back tenfold. Be positive and have a heart centered on doing charitable things. Use the inner power of the Moon to let go of things out of alignment in your life. You know what these issues are! Be blessed with abundance and health, good thoughts and karma. Move through this week with your head held high.

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